Health & Physical Education


CPCC offers a number of HEA and PED courses at various campuses within our system. These curriculum courses are available to those wanting HPE college credits for the purpose of meeting general  or required elective requirements. Our  HEA courses are offered completely online as well as in-class. Please check the schedule desired for online classes at to make sure of details for each course and the number of credits awarded for each of the courses.

The following courses are presently being offered Fall, Spring and Summer terms unless otherwise noted:

·         HEA 110 Personal Health and Wellness

·         HEA 112 First Aid and CPR

·         HEA 130 Health-Adult Sexuality (Spring Term  ELECTIVE credit Only)

·         PED 113 Aerobics I

·         PED 117 Weight Training I

·         PED 122 Yoga I

·         PED 128 Golf – Beginning

·         PED 163 Kayaking – Basic Click here for video

·         PED 169 Orienteering

·         PED 170 Backpacking

·         PED 171 Nature Hiking

·         PED 173 Rock Climbing

·         PED 186 Dancing for Fitness (includes ZUMBA)

NOTE:  Many of our outdoor offerings take place on two weekends ( 8 -4) and require some travel or extra equipment.

For more information about these courses, please contact  the Discipline Chair, Cynthia Smith – 704-330- 6726