TV segment highlights CPCC's Learning Center of Excellence

last modified Feb 23, 2015 10:31 AM

Watch this Feb. 20 on "North Carolina Now" segment, focusing on CPCC's partnership with a German manufacturer to build a one-of-a-kind training center on campus to educate the next generation of students in the latest engineering techniques.

One of the biggest problems in American manufacturing is the skills gap. More than 600,000 skilled manufacturing jobs are vacant because there are not enough trained workers to fill them. More individuals are needed with high-tech skills, such as industrial automation and computer control systems to work the robotics and manufacturing systems that drive the success of these businesses.

Thanks to CPCC's mechatronics program, Charlotte may be ground zero for the launch of a revolution in manufacturing. Students at the college are training on German, state-of-the-art automated equipment that costs more than $1 million, giving them the opportunity of a lifetime.

As a result, CPCC students' skills set is much more advanced than mechanics and machinists of old. They are engaging in apprenticeships with many Charlotte-based, German companies, learning the unique skills needed to excel with these different organizations. In addition, CPCC's students are getting paid for their efforts, attending college tuition-free, and graduating with no debt.

The college plans to continue to expand upon this successful learning model, creating a landmark training facility called the Festo CPCC Learning Center of Excellence - committed to training students for North American manufacturing and engineering jobs.

This initiatives reinforcing CPCC's commitment to providing students with the real-world technology they need to be successful in today's workforce, while launching Charlotte as the next manufacturing mecca of America.