STARS Computing Corps recognizes CPCC with 2013 Outstanding Corps Award

last modified Oct 02, 2013 09:50 AM

The Students & Technology in Academia, Research & Service (STARS) Computing Corps has awarded CPCC’s STARS Corps students with the 2013 Outstanding Corps Award. The STARS Computing Corps is a national community of regional partnerships, dedicated to growing a diverse 21st century technology workforce. Its Outstanding Corps Award recognizes Corps teams that have excelled in their leadership abilities and/or created, established and implemented a successful innovative outreach program in their local community.

Faculty member Felesia Stukes first introduced the STARS Corps program to CPCC in 2009. Since that time, the college has been home to the organization’s STARS Leadership Corps, a service-learning program that gives college students an opportunity to collaborate with regional K-12 schools, industry and community partners to inform, engage and prepare upcoming students for entry and success in college computing programs.

During the 2012-2013 academic year, CPCC’s STARS Corps team, comprised of 10 students, helped lead the after school Lego Club at Charlotte’s Community Charter School. In Lego Club, children use Lego Robotics kits to design and build various contraptions and then use basic computer programming to animate them.

CPCC’s STARS Corps students were able to use their software knowledge to teach the charter school children programming concepts each week. By building the children’s creativity and understanding of online software, the STAR Corps team crafted a curriculum for the students that not only taught them the syntax of the language, but also the reasoning behind why a computer program must follow a series of logical steps.

“I am extremely proud of our students,” said Jean Schoenheit, CPCC STARS Corps advisor and an instructor of Software Development/Information Systems at the college. “Our team’s efforts at Community Charter School exemplified the award’s requirements. Our students fostered a positive community relationship, demonstrated outstanding leadership and showcased the mission and outcome of STARS to make a positive impact on one and all.”

In presenting the award, STARS Computing Corps stated, “The type of commitment and professionalism demonstrated by the CPCC STARS Corps is a true example of the type of 21st century tech leaders being cultivated through STARS.”

This is the first time CPCC STARS Corps has been named a recipient of the organization’s Outstanding Corps Award. The award is only given to one institution each year. CPCC STARS Corps was chosen for the distinction from more than 40 four-year colleges and universities across the nation.

In addition to its work with Community Charter School, the CPCC STARS Corps team also participated in the following outreach programs during the 2012-2013 academic year:

  • worked with local senior centers to help older adults become more proficient with technology
  • hosted a series of workshops on desktops and laptops, routers and networking, operating systems and virtual machines, and Windows Mobile App Development for CPCC faculty, staff and students to attend
  • spearheaded a Robotics Roadshow that gave local K-12 students an opportunity to guide robots through a maze to solve a riddle

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