N.C. Gov. Cooper Visits CPCC Central Campus

last modified Jun 26, 2017 10:10 AM

N.C. Governor Roy Cooper visited CPCC’s Central Campus on Wednesday to address media representatives and discuss his N.C.Cooper 1 Getting Ready for Opportunities in the Workforce scholarship (NC GROW) budget proposal. The program is free community college that covers last-dollar tuition and fees to any NC Community College for recent high school graduates who make a certain grade point average and who have exhausted other sources of financial aid.

New county-by-county data shows that if the NC GROW scholarship were in place for the 2016 school year, more than 51,000 recent high school graduates would have been eligible for the program if they had unmet needs and the right grades.

“Investments in education are investments in our economy,” Governor Cooper said. “If we’re going to make North Carolina a Top Ten Educated State by 2025, we have to make higher education even more accessible for recent high school graduates. The NC GROW Scholarship will help give our young people the skills they need in a 21st century economy, and I urge legislators to include this funding in their budget.”

Cooper 2In his budget, Governor Cooper laid out an ambitious agenda to make North Carolina a Top Ten Educated State by 2025. Included in that goal is increasing the percentage of adults with some higher education from 38% to 55%. Republican and Democratic governors in several states across the country have implemented free community college with great success.

In Mecklenburg County, an estimated 4,466 high school graduates would have been eligible for NC GROW in 2016 if they had an unmet need and the right grades.

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