Global Competitiveness II Summit a Success

last modified Feb 21, 2013 04:06 PM
Global Competitiveness II Summit a Success

N.C. Commerce Secretary addresses the crowd.

The opening of a major intermodal facility at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, combined with the expansion of the Panama Canal in 2014 will significantly affect trade routes across the globe and present significant entrepreneurial, manufacturing and transportation opportunities for the Charlotte region. Ships from Asia will be able to reach the U.S. east coast more quickly and directly. This change to the world’s shipping patterns is expected to position Charlotte as a unique intermodal transportation center and leader in global commerce and manufacturing.

To prepare the region’s key decision makers for this global shift, a host of local and national business leaders gathered today at CPCC's Harris Campus for the College's Global Competitiveness II Summit. There, they discussed what opportunities exist for the region to create, make and move products across the global marketplace.

Speakers included:

  • Seth Harris, Active Secretary, U.S. Department of Labor
  • Sharon Decker, N.C. Commerce Secretary
  • Dr. John Silvia, Managing Director and Chief Economist for Wells Fargo
  • Michael Gallis, Global Strategist
  • Peter Ammon, German Ambassador to the United States
  • Anthony Foxx, Mayor of Charlotte
  • Tanja Gonner, GIZ Board Chairwoman
  • Mike Manis, Director of Community & Economic Development for Centralina Council of Government


    Other featured presentations included Bob Morgan, president and CEO of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, who announced the Chamber's strategic plan; Ronnie Bryant, CEO of the Charlotte Regional Partnership, who presented on the group's marketing plan for the region; and Chris William, host of “Carolina Business Review,” who moderated two panel discussions with business leaders on what the region needs to do to become more globally competitive.

    The Global Competitiveness II Summit was created to build upon the success of the first Global Competitive Success event, held in August 2012 at CPCC’s Harris Campus, and seeks to inform and engage Charlotte region stakeholders in developing strategies and partnerships that will allow the region to grow a robust and resilient advanced manufacturing economy, workforce pipeline and transportation infrastructure.

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