CPCC’s work with employers to build talent pipelines featured in skills gap report from Johns Hopkins institute

last modified May 25, 2017 08:30 AM

A report by the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies, an affiliate with the Johns Hopkins University, citesCPCC’s work with employers to build talent pipelines featured in skills gap report from Johns Hopkins institute Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) for its effectiveness in meeting the workforce demands of local employers through its development of apprenticeship programs and other customized training programs.

The April 2017 report, “Closing the Skills Gap: The Importance of Educating a Diverse Workforce,” looks at how employers and educational institutions can work together to prepare migrants and minorities for high-skill advanced manufacturing jobs. The report also asks if there are German initiatives that can be applied in the U.S.CPCC’s work with employers to build talent pipelines featured in skills gap report from Johns Hopkins instituteAccording to the report: “One approach to educating the workforce is CPCC’s philosophy of building talent pipelines. Apprenticeship programs, which combine academic learning with hands-on training and result in certification and high skill levels for graduating apprentices, are an essential element of CPCC’s mission.”

CPCC’s apprenticeship partnerships with Cummins Inc., and Siemens USA are referenced as high successful programs. Overall, CPCC has graduated more than 150 apprentices who are employed at companies such as Ameritech, Blum, Chiron, Daetwyler and Pfaff, in addition to Siemens and Cummins.

Further, the report highlights CPCC’s unique partnership with IHK-Karlsruhe. To better serve the large concentration of German and central European manufacturers in the greater Charlotte region, CPCC established a training partnership in 2012 with the Industrie-und Handelskammer-Karlsruhe (IHK-Karlsruhe or IHK-K). The institutional function in Germany of the regional Industrie-und Handelskammer (IHK) is somewhat equivalent to American city or county chambers of commerce. This partnership has produced many tangible benefits for CPCC and its students as the college works with international and domestic employers in the Charlotte region. A total of 55 students have received IHK-K-endorsed certificates since the partnership began. Approximately 90 students currently are on track to earn IHK-endorsed certificates as they complete their respective associate degree programs.

“The key to CPCC’s success creating career opportunity for the county’s workforce is its commitment to serving the demand of local businesses and providing customized training, its outreach efforts to the different communities, and its recognition of and appreciation for an increasingly diverse population and student body,” the report concludes.

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