CPCC to expand study abroad opportunities to students

last modified Apr 14, 2014 08:46 AM

CPCC has pledged to join the Institute of International Education’s (IIE) Generation Study Abroad initiative to double the number of American students who study abroad by the end of the decade. CPCC has committed to increasing the number of its undergraduate students who study abroad by 100 percent over the next five years.

“At CPCC we emphasize the importance of global awareness and believe that a study abroad experience enhances a student’s global outlook and overall education,” said Nadine Russell, director of Global Learning at CPCC. “We are excited to announce that in 2014 we will offer 10 study abroad programs to 15 countries and five continents.”

CPCC works closely with local and national organizations, such as the German Language & Culture Foundation, World View and Community Colleges for International Development to increase its study abroad opportunities. Of the nearly 60 study abroad participants at CPCC this year, approximately 30 percent have never traveled abroad, 10 percent received a study abroad scholarship, and the majority are working and fundraising to pay their fees.

CPCC is not alone in this initiative. More than 150 higher education institutions from 41 U.S. states had already signed the Generation Study Abroad Commitment when it was launched in March, including large state and private universities, liberal arts colleges, community colleges, and historically black colleges and universities and other minority serving institutions.

The initiative was launched because Generation Study Abroad found the number and proportion of today’s students who graduate with an educational experience abroad is far too low. Currently, fewer than 10 percent of all U.S. college students study abroad at some point in their academic career. In 2011 - 2012, 295,000 students studied abroad in credit-bearing and non-credit programs. Generation Study Abroad aims to grow participation in study abroad so that the annual total reported will reach 600,000 by the end of the decade.

For more information on IIE’s Generation Study Abroad initiative, visit www.iie.org/generationstudyabroad.

To learn more about CPCC’s study abroad opportunities, please visit http://www.cpcc.edu/study-abroad.