CPCC student accepted to prestigious Harvard Stem Cell Institute Internship Program

last modified Mar 13, 2014 08:27 AM
CPCC student accepted to prestigious Harvard Stem Cell Institute Internship Program

Duy Nguyen

Duy Nguyen, an Associate in Science student at Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC), has been accepted into Harvard University’s prestigious Stem Cell Institute Internship Program, being held this summer from June 9 to Aug. 15. More than 600 undergraduates across the globe applied to this year’s program; Nguyen was one of only 35 candidates chosen to participate.

“I am excited about this opportunity,” said Nguyen. “The internship will not only give me a chance to work with leaders in the field of stem cell biology and gain new skills and knowledge, but also help me achieve my future goal of bringing human stem cell therapy to all patients with intractable diseases.”

The Harvard Stem Cell Institute Internship Program provides undergraduate students with a focused and challenging summer research experience in a cutting-edge stem cell laboratory, located at one of Harvard’s 11 affiliated hospitals or research centers in either Boston or Cambridge, Mass.

During the internship, students are exposed to different professional options within the scientific arena through a stem cell seminar series, a career pathways presentation and a weekly stem cell companion course. Students are expected to present their summer research findings, both orally and in poster format, at the Harvard Internship Program Symposium, which is a requirement of all program participants.

The Harvard Stem Cell Institute Internship Program is open to any undergraduate student, from Harvard or any college or university across the United States and internationally, who expresses an interest in stem cell biology.

Nguyen originally enrolled at CPCC to pursue a career in dentistry, but later decided to consider a career in research after attending The Charlotte Annual Life Sciences Conference (CLSC) at UNC Charlotte in October 2013. Each year, the CLSC provides attendees with an overview of current activities within the university, research, business, investment and economic development fields.

Nguyen’s CPCC Chemistry instructor, Sofiya Ivanova, learned of his new interest in research and encouraged him to apply to several Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) programs across the country. The result of his efforts was an acceptance letter to participate in Harvard’s program.

“Science plays a major role in our technology-oriented society,” said Ivanova. “That’s why CPCC instructors set high standards for students and help them take action toward achieving their science career dreams – so they may find success in the workforce and make significant contributions in the fields of science and other highly competitive industries.”

As a Harvard Stem Cell Institute Internship Program student, Nguyen will receive a $4,320 stipend to pay for the transportation and housing costs related to participating in the program.

To learn more about Harvard’s Stem Cell Institute Internship Program, please visit http://www.hsci.harvard.edu/research/hsci-internship-program-hip.