CPCC launches Center for Global Workforce and Logistics Education

last modified Mar 11, 2014 08:24 AM

Anticipating significant growth in jobs related to logistics, transportation, warehousing, exporting and international manufacturing in the Charlotte area, Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) has established a new Center for Global Workforce and Logistics Education. The CPCC center will partner with the North Carolina Center for Global Logistics.

The opening of the new intermodal rail yard at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport promises to attract increased numbers of manufacturers as well as transportation and distribution centers to the Charlotte region. Some estimates point to the intermodal yard generating $7.6 billion in regional economic development and as many as 7,000 new jobs over the next 20 years.

To help provide the training and education these jobs will require, CPCC has created the Center for Global Workforce and Logistics Education and based it at the Harris Campus, close to the airport. The center will draw on CPCC’s many resources and focus on enhancing the environment in which companies, current and newcomers, can benefit from the presence and synergies of the intermodal rail yard.

The Center for Global Workforce and Logistics Education will help develop and package courses aimed at the training needs of logistics, distribution, transportation and manufacturing companies looking to benefit from the proximity of the intermodal yard. These could include import broker licensing, logistics IT, high-level systems application product (SAP) courses, warehouse and automated warehouse technician training, supply chain technician and manager programs, and industry-specific advanced manufacturing courses.

Preliminary plans for the center also include the development of international apprenticeships, creating new business cultural awareness courses for languages and customs, a seminar series related to international business and other programs aimed at helping local small businesses expand their international reach.

“This center will help our area greatly as we endeavor to build the workforce Mecklenburg County will need to become a hub of global commerce,” said Dr. Tony Zeiss, CPCC president.

Bill Dillon, CPCC associate dean, business and industry learning, will direct the center. Dillon joined CPCC in 2007 after 38 years in manufacturing operations and plant management. During his manufacturing operations career, Dillon managed plants for Moen and Cooper Industries.

“Charlotte is setting the stage for an ever expanding role in global commerce. For CPCC, this means understanding and meeting workforce training needs in the creation and flow of goods, people and knowledge,” Dillon explained. “The Center for Global Workforce and Logistics Education will help CPCC build new and expanded programs in international business, operations, transportation, distribution, logistics, IT and more. The center will be here to help this important sector of Mecklenburg County’s economy grow in the coming years.”

For more information about CPCC’s new Center for Global Workforce and Logistics Education, contact Dillon at 704.330.4609 or Bill.Dillon@cpcc.edu.

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