CPCC instructor publishes book “A Recipe for Success Using SAS® University Edition”

last modified Aug 16, 2016 08:33 AM
CPCC instructor publishes book “A Recipe for Success Using SAS® University Edition”

Dr. Sharon Jones

Dr. Sharon Jones, a program developer/trainer in Central Piedmont Community College’s (CPCC) Computer Technology Institute, recently authored “A Recipe for Success Using SAS® University Edition,” an easy guide that shows readers how to start applying the analytical power of SAS (Statistical Analysis System) to real-world scenarios.

According to Dr. Jones, data is everywhere, shedding light on all aspects of life. Retailers know what’s selling and who’s buying. Polls test opinions on everything from political candidates to consumer goods. Doctors monitor their patients’ vital signs and progress over time. However, data is often unprocessed, waiting for someone to analyze it and discover new and valuable knowledge about the world. Enter SAS. With SAS individuals have a tool that can refine those questions and return easy-to-understand results, and those results create insight and uncover knowledge.

In her book, Dr. Jones imparts this knowledge on readers, teaching them how to: start using analytics, use SAS to accomplish a project goal, effectively apply SAS to their projects or assignments, and more.

“I’ve broken this book down into easy-to-read chapters so readers can get quick and easy takeaway tips they can then apply within their community or school,” said Dr. Jones. “The goal of this text is to introduce readers to SAS and show them that when applied correctly, this software solution can help them accomplish multiple project tasks, such as data entry management, business forecasting, report and graphics writing, and more.”

Dr. Jones joined the CPCC family in July 2015 where she oversees the database program – SAS for adults. She also manages instructor resources, implements instructional coaching techniques and teaches high-end technology programs for both public and private audiences. Prior to joining CPCC, she was a career and technical education teacher and administrator for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and an instructor with John Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth in Computer Science. In addition to her role at CPCC, she is a Code.org affiliate, providing free workshops to teachers and community members interested in teaching computer science concepts to children.

“A Recipe for Success Using SAS University Edition” is available for purchase on Amazon where it retails for $24.95. The Kindle edition sells for $18.99. To learn more about CPCC’s Computer Technology Institute, please visit cpcc.edu/computertraining.