CPCC graduates 24 in certificate programs recognized by German manufacturers

last modified Apr 13, 2017 08:08 AM
CPCC graduates 24 in certificate programs recognized by German manufacturers

Richard Zollinger, VP for learning and workforce development at CPCC, signs each student's certificate.

Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) will graduate 24 students this spring in two certificate programs recognized by German manufacturers through the college’s unique partnership with IHK-Karlsruhe. The 24 students are completing their studies in Computer Numerical Control (CNC) or Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Many of the grads already have secured employment with companies such as Duke Energy, Graybar Electric, ICS Enterprises, Roberts Polypro, Stanley Black & Decker, as well as UNC Charlotte.

To better serve the large concentration of German and central European manufacturers in the greater Charlotte region, CPCC established a training partnership in 2012 with the Industrie-und Handelskammer-Karlsruhe (IHK-Karlsruhe or IHK-K). The institutional function in Germany of the regional Industrie-und Handelskammer (IHK) is somewhat equivalent to American city or county chambers of commerce. This partnership has produced many tangible benefits for CPCC and its students as the college works with international and domestic employers in the Charlotte region.

A total of 55 students have received IHK-K-endorsed certificates since the partnership began 2012. Approximately 90 students are on track to earn IHK-endorsed certificates as they complete their respective associate degree programs.

The 24 students completing IHK-K certificate requirements this spring are:

Arthur Truss

Jacoby Johnson

Hoang Nguyen

Luke Woroniecki

Stephanos Tekola

Donald Graves

Kerry Walls

Samuel Douthit

Joshua Hullette

Christopher Watts

Miguel Chinos

Bassam Cheaib

Jonathan Anton

Vanneda Bunna

Charlie Lee

Mohammed Alsheikhli

Aron Bynum

Geraldine Appiah

Tobias Coleman

Aristides Chicas

Ramon Martinez

Thomas Harmon

Ridge Morgan

Nicolas Kazadi-Mbala

Activities in the CPCC-IHK-K training partnership include:

  • Faculty and staff exchanges between CPCC and the Karlsruhe Chamber;
  • Alignment of CPCC courses to German competencies in advanced technologies;
  • CPCC, UNC Charlotte and industry partners host delegation visits from IHK-K and member businesses;
  • Faculty professional development during factory and college tours in Germany; and
  • Administrator and staff learning from exposure to the German dual model of education.

Benefits to CPCC from IHK-Karlsruhe partnership include:

  • Detailed certificates of competency for graduates in the CPCC CNC and PLC programs;
  • Recruitment of German employers to Charlotte and partners for CPCC programs;
  • Direct input on emerging technologies for CPCC faculty;
  • The establishment of international apprenticeships for students;
  • Deepened understanding of the German apprenticeship model for adaptation into N.C. community college programs; and
  • Shared new methods of teaching in advanced manufacturing technologies.

“We congratulate these students for their hard work in earning their IHK-K-endorsed certificates,” said Chris Paynter, CPCC dean of STEM programs. “European companies, particularly those from Germany, now know Charlotte can provide a workforce trained to their exact specifications. We think this gives Charlotte and CPCC students a distinct competitive advantage.”