News 14 features CPCC apprenticeship opportunities

last modified Jun 26, 2012 08:31 AM

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Some CPCC students receive more than classroom education, especially if they take advantage of Workplace Learning opportunities. For example, with our Apprenticeship programs, they can actually earn a certificate, diploma, or two-year degree, a paycheck and experience at the same time. We’ve been listening to European companies – like Germany’s Siemens – and determining their need for workforce training. We’ve responded by creating academic programs such as mechatronics (a combination of engineering, computer and electronics training) and an apprenticeship program (based on the European model). In addition to offering the traditional European apprenticeship model, CPCC also offers customizable models that may be attractive to US-based companies. Overall, the apprenticeship approach is taking root here in the States by offering unparalleled work-study opportunities for students while providing businesses with the highly trained employees needed for success in today’s economy.

CPCC is in its 17th year as part of Apprenticeship 2000, a four-year technical training program that prepares high school students for exciting job opportunities in tomorrow’s careers. The eight Apprenticeship 2000 partner companies are Ameritech, Blum, Chiron, Daetwyler, Pfaff, Sarstedt, Siemens and Timken.  So while many of the apprentices from centuries past spent their days learning various trades and crafts, present-day apprentices may be found working amid the latest state-of-the-art technology, owned by many of today’s leading manufacturing giants.

CPCC also offers the customizable Apprenticeship Charlotte through its Corporate Learning Center for other local and regional companies. CPCC’s Apprenticeship Charlotte also blends work experience with in-classroom education – a proven model to create learning experiences that benefit the employer, as well as the learner. This program gives companies:

·         access to the best and brightest students to add immediate value to their present workforce.

·         access to the latest training and education from CPCC for their current employees.

·         the opportunity to integrate future employees into their talent pipeline.

·         the opportunity to observe and evaluate a candidate for hire.

·         a variety of program options that range from one to four years.