CBE Resources

  • NC-CBE Project Webinar - In September 2015, a team of CBE subject matter experts from Public Agenda led an excellent webinar on the national CBE movement and the next steps for the NC-CBE Project. A recording of the webinar is available on YouTube.

  • NC-CBE Design Elements: Guide & Workplan - The NC-CBE Design Elements Guide presents a list of key design elements that Colleges need to understand in order to create a CBE model for North Carolina. In 2015, CPCC hosted a two-day professional development event to explore each element bearing in mind the impacts, needs, and challenges that different approaches would have on Academics, Enrollment & Student Services, Information Technology Services, Business & Finance, and Policy. This document is intended to capture the consensuses on recommended approaches and standards for key design elements from the two-day event. The latest version of the guide (version 4.0) still serves as a primer that explains CBE concepts and unpacking some of the systemic complexity across NC community colleges. However, version 4.0 elaborates on several approaches and standards, providing new detail and enhanced descriptions of the NC-CBE model. In addition, version 4.0 redirects readers to other strategic documents and tools developed by NC-CBE Project participants in 2016.