CPCC Login Changes

'SNAP' is now 'CPCC Login'.
For more information, see the SNAP/CPCC Login FAQ .

As part of the Computer System Conversion, and our continued efforts to improve the services we offer to the College, Information Technology Services will soon be releasing changes to the CPCC Login application and processes.

These changes will make acquiring a CPCC Login account quicker. In addition, new student CPCC Login accounts will be created using a new naming convention. Their new CPCC Login ID will be 8 characters and contain their first initial followed by the first part of their last name, followed by an incrementing number (e.g. John Smith will have the username jsmith01).  For more details on how you may be affected by these changes, see Current Students or New Students & Applicants

It is important to note that the new Computer System requires students to have their CPCC Login account before it will allow them to use any personalized online services such as registration, drop/add, financial aid, grade view and others.

The new CPCC Login application will be released in the first week of July and will continue to be located at cpcclogin.cpcc.edu.  For a peek at the new CPCC Login application, along with the new mycollege (WebAdvisor) application, check out these demonstrations.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the ITS helpdesk.