Pay For Print FAQs

What is Pay For Print?
The Pay For Print service creates an account for each student, allotting a free quota of prints based on paid technology fees.

Why is it used?
The college wide cost for printing has risen considerably, including the fees for toner, paper, equipment lease and maintenance. Previously, specific departments had been supporting the cost of printing. Through Pay For Print, students regulate their own printing and distribute the cost of printing amongst users.

When are Pay For Print accounts available? Student accounts are active and available the first day of the semester.

Where is Pay For Print used?
Pay For Print is used at the following Libraries and Student Technology Centers:


CatoCato200Law Library
CatoCato250Campus Library
CentralAdvanced Technology201A, D, E, F 
CentralAdvanced Technology301D 
CentralCentral High104 
CentralInformation Technology3130 
CentralLibrary (LRC Building)100A, B, CFirst Floor
CentralLibrary (LRC Building)205Second Floor
HarperMain343Campus Library
LevineBuilding II1300 
LevineBuilding I2100 
LevineBuilding II2379 
LevineBuilding I3120Campus Library
LevineBuilding I3123 
NorthTransportation Systems242 
NorthTransportation Systems243Campus Library
WestMain2100Campus Library

How do I add money to my Pay For Print account?
Additional prints may be purchased online with a debit or credit card. Students may also purchase prints at any campus cashier office. Purchases can be made in increments of 5 cents. ($.05/page)

If I add money to my quota, when will the prints be available? Prints purchased online and those added to accounts by cashiers are immediately available for use.

How do I know if I have paid a technology fee?
There is a technology fee charge of $1.00 per credit hour. There is a maximum of $16.00 for Curriculum classes and $5.00 for Occupational Extension classes.

Do all students have a free print quota?
No. Anyone who is tuiton and fee exempt will not have a free print quota. This includes Guest Accounts, ESL, ABE, GED, Community Development (Adult HS) students, senior citizens, full-time CPCC employees (using their free class), fire and police personnel, prison inmates, or HRD waiver students who do not pay fees or tuition.

How can I view my Pay For Print account information?
Students can view their Pay For Print account online.

What credentials are needed to access my account?
A student must use their CPCC Login ID and Password to access a Pay For Print account.

Am I refunded at the end of the semester if there is a balance in my account? Purchased quota (the quota above that obtained through technology fees) in the amount equal to or greater than $5.00 will be refunded automatically at the end of each semester.

Is my account renewed each semester?
All accounts are purged at the end of each semester after refunds are issued.

How does it charge me if I print on both sides?
Students are charged five cents per page. Printing on both sides is equivalent to two pages.

If a paper jam occurs and my print is affected, will I get my print or money back?
If an error is experienced that causes the interruption or termination of a print job, an Information Systems Analyst will credit the student’s printing account with a refund for the entire document.

Who do I contact for assistance with technical or account problems?
For assistance, contact an Information Systems Analyst in any Student Technology Center or the ITS Help Desk at 704-330-5000 or

Effective printing guidelines
Printing effectively can save money by using fewer prints from the free print quota. Print jobs can be printed on fewer pages by reducing documents to fit on one page. Some applications will have a "reduce to one page" feature in the print dialogue box.
Utilize the "Print Preview", located under "File", to verify what you are wanting to print.