Spring 2013 schedule

MAN UP Rap Session - “Rap Session” will be a setting that provides a constructive and supportive environment that will offer males the opportunity to voice specific concerns and provide engaging conversations that reflect or relates to the development of a male.

Join Us and Bring a friend!!!

March 20th - Danielle Dosunmu - "What's your role or Do you know your role?"

March 27th - Tyshawn Chisholm -“Test and Study Skills” (Open to School)

April 3rd - Frankie Tack – "Drug Awareness" Marijuana (Open to School)

April 10th - Kareem Strong - "HIV/AIDS Awareness" among Minorities (Open to School)

April 17th - Fredrick Murphy - "Don't want to be a player anymore!" (Open to School)

May 1st - Men only Rap Session




March 22nd - Winston Salem State University (7:30am - 4pm)






April 19th - University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill (7:30am - 5pm)