About MAN UP

Why are we called the MAN UP Program?

MAN UP is a reflection of leadership. It speaks to manhood, responsibility, accountability, and character. It is direct and forward, and it holds every man to a higher standard of moral fiber.

It also represents one man taking the initiative to help pull another man up, each wanting equal opportunity and success for the other.

MAN UP is a Minority Male Mentoring Program that provides comprehensive activities that promote the personal development, academic improvement and other social and educational advancement needs of students at Central Piedmont Community College. The program was developed to increase the population and retention rates among minority males, and is designed to provide the inspiration and motivation that they need to reach their goals.

Mission Statement

MAN UP serves in transforming the culture of CPCC’s minority males by reaching their hearts and minds through mentoring relationships and cohort experiences.


Students in the MAN UP Program will be prepared and commissioned to model the mission of the program and positively influence their peers.

Program Benefits

Upon joining CPCC’s MAN UP, students are assigned a mentor. Research suggests that mentoring:

  • Improves class attendance
  • Develops responsibility
  • Enhances academic development
  • Provides a sense of community
  • Builds positive relationships
  • Increases exposure to cultural events
  • Establishes goals
  • Provides motivation


MAN UP students will participate in:

  • Leadership workshops
  • Team building activities
  • Social skills workshops
  • Entrepreneurship workshops
  • Career preparation workshops
  • Personal development workshops
  • College Tours
  • Conferences