“As a college president I believe I was fortunate to participate in Dr. Terri Manning’s workshop/presentation on the millennial student.  Her work had a significant and immediate effect on my teaching faculty and staff along with members of our business community in Westmoreland County who were in attendance.  The findings of her research have profound implications for both educational settings and the workplace.”

                                                                     Steve Ender, President
                                                                     Westmoreland Community College
                                                                     Youngwood, Pennsylvania

"Our organization needed a keynote speaker with practical knowledge for the 2006 Conference on Information Technology. Terri and her real-world experiences completely connected with our audience! She is a vibrant speaker that uses relevant examples not only to engage the audience, but also to clearly articulate her points. Every audience member surely walked away with something that can be applied in their everyday life. Two thumbs up . . . I highly recommend Terri to anyone!"

                                                                    Edward Leach, Vice President
                                                                    Services and Programs
                                                                    League for Innovation
                                                                    Phoenix, Arizona

“In Dr. Manning’s presentation on the importance of the millennial generation in the future workforce, my audience of national community researchers walked away with an enlightenment and understanding of this complex issue that they had never before grasped.”

                                                                    Tony L. Crumbley
                                                                    Vice President Research
                                                                    Charlotte Chamber of Commerce
                                                                    Charlotte, North Carolina

“Dr. Manning presented at Austin Community College in August of 2005; her lively and interesting presentation was so well-received that I arranged for her to speak at the Texas Community College Teachers Convention.  She was equally well-received there.  Her remarks have sparked much discussion and debate on teaching and supporting students from a variety of generations at my institution and at many others.  Her impact on community colleges across Texas has been substantial!”

                                                                    Terry Stewart Mouchayleh
                                                                    Director, Professional Development and
                                                                    Evaluation Programs
                                                                    Austin Community College
                                                                    Austin, Texas