Faculty Workshop For K-12 Institutions


During the faculty workshop, faculty members are split up into eight groups to discuss specific issues that occur in the classroom involving millennial students.  Each group is given two brief articles to read (about 20 minutes) and then they discuss scenarios and answer a set of questions about the following topics:


Teaching Students the Process Rather than just Content (when all possible content is on the internet)

Dealing with Cheating, Plagiarism and Ethics

From Teenagers to Emerging Adults (not adults as we once thought)

Class and School Policies (e.g. email, cell phones, electronic toys)

Dealing with Parents (helicopter or snowplow)

The Trouble with Boys, Why They are Having Trouble in School

Technology and Young Children (how much is enough)

Diversity in Schools (means something different now)


The workshop can take two to three hours, depending on time constraints.  After faculty have heard the morning session and have begun to understand the motivations and expectations of millennial students, they are ready to talk and begin to address issues.  This workshop is the perfect ending for the day and gives colleges the foundation to launch into deeper discussions in the weeks following the workshop.


Workshop Instructions