Counseling Services

Our Counselors provide vital services to Military Families & Veterans who want to make the most of their time in college. The counseling services are provided to veterans and their family members, ages 18 years and older, can be related to academics and/or personal challenges. Please call any of our locations for an appointment.  Personal Counseling is confidential. If the counselors in the Center cannot provide such services, we will provide contacts for you about community centers who may further assist you.

• Course advisement
• Tutoring Resources & Study skills support
• Weekly student Veteran support groups

Career Direction
• Strengths assessment
• Explore programs of study with occupational options
• Identify goals and pathways to success

Family and Relationships
• Family and couples counseling
• Tools to improve communication

Grief and Loss
• Managing emotional pain
• Adapting to a new normal

Past Traumas
• Military or civilian experiences
• Confidential sessions

Central office: 704-330-6126

Levine office: 704-330-2722 ext.7385

Cato office: 704-330-2722 ext. 7826

Merancas office: 704-330-2722 ext.7185