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12 strategies for Effective Mentoring

  1. Encourage the Mentee to approach life and goals with enthusiasm and to be accepting of self and others.
  2. Encourage Mentee to examine beliefs and ideals in an effort to establish personal values and goals.
  3. Encourage Mentee to keep an open mind to ideas
  4. The interactions between Mentor and Mentee should be situations of sharing, caring, and empathizing
  5. Encourage the Mentee to use a creative problem solving process
  6. Encourage the Mentee to be an attentive listener and an assertive questioner
  7. Encourage the Mentee to become an independent thinker
  8. Encourage the Mentee to recognize individual strengths and uniqueness and to build on them
  9. Assist the Mentee in developing self-confidence
  10. Stress that an individual be aware of the environment, be intuitive, be problem sensitive, and be ready to make the most of opportunities
  11. Encourage the Mentee to be a risk-taker and an active participant, not a spectator
  12. Share with Mentee the importance of being flexible and adaptable in attitudes and actions, looking for alternatives, and seeing situations/persons from different perspectives

Adopted from “Mentoring: A renaissance of apprenticeship.  The Journal of Creative Behavior