Anthony Foxx Scholars Program

The Anthony Foxx Scholars Program is a partnership between Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) and West Charlotte High School designed to help African American males overcome financial obstacles and receive the assistance needed to earn their degree. For questions, please contact out office by email at or by phone at 704.330.2722, ext. 3240.

Every African American male who graduates from West Charlotte High School and enrolls at Central Piedmont Community College will receive a up to $2,000 scholarship with the opportunity of renewal the following year if they have a 2.5 GPA.* The Anthony Foxx Scholars Program was established and funded by a grant from the C.D. Spangler Foundation of Charlotte, N.C.

In an effort to assist African American or minority male students with their transition to college, CPCC will provide the following support services:

West Charlotte Enrollment Specialist

A CPCC representative will visit West Charlotte High School weekly to provide students with information on admissions and programs offered by CPCC.

Early Advising/Registration Program

CPCC will implement an early advising and registration program to allow students to register for summer and fall classes while still in high school. Find out more about the College Connection Program.

Financial Aid Workshops

CPCC will invite students and parents to participate in financial aid workshops at West Charlotte High School to learn about the many financial resources available. The goal is to have 100 percent of all Anthony Foxx scholars applying for financial aid.

Parent Communication

CPCC will offer workshops for parents on how to assist students with their transition to college.

College Visitation Day

CPCC will provide visitation days for the scholars to tour the campus and learn more about CPCC.

Summer Bridge Program

Students will have the opportunity participate in a summer program which consists of academic classes and structured activities.

MAN UP Male Mentoring Program

Students will have the opportunity to be a part of the MAN UP Male Mentoring Program, which provides comprehensive activities that promote personal development, academic improvement, and social and educational advancement.

*Many students will qualify for additional state or federal aid.