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Ophthalmic Medical Personnel Admissions Process

The Ophthalmic Medical Personnel diploma program is a limited enrollment program.  Each year a maximum of 20 students are selected along with 5 alternates. Students are ranked according to the score on the Admissions form.  If you are not accepted and you wish to reapply, you must complete a new Ophthalmic Medical Personnel Admissions form.

Admission Requirements for Fall 2019 - Deadline is April 30

Step 1: Apply to the College to Get Started.

    • The applicant should designate the Ophthalmic Medical Personnel program using code D45210 as the program of interest on the CPCC College Admissions Application.  Click the Pre Map for suggestions to enhance your application.
    • The student is required to complete the placement exams for math, reading and English.
    • The student should meet with an academic advisor or counselor to review placement test scores. Students must be eligible to enroll in ENG 111 before being accepted into the program.  Students requiring developmental courses, should complete these courses before applying to the Ophthalmic Medical Personnel program.


    Step 2: Apply to the Ophthalmic Medical Personnel Diploma Program

    A student is encouraged to complete ENG 111, COM 110 and PSY 150 prior to application to the Ophthalmic Medical Personnel program.   An additional four courses will be considered on the admissions form.  Unofficial transcripts of these courses and the corresponding grades must be attached to the admissions form.

    Applicants to the program are required to attend an information session.

    For questions about admissions to the Ophthalmic Medical Personnel program, please email or schedule an appointment to meet with the Admissions Specialist for this program.

    For information on required Criminal Background Checks and Drug Screen click here

    Acceptance into the Ophthalmic Medical Personnel program Requirements

    Upon acceptance into the Ophthalmic Medical Personnel program, students will be required to submit results of a North Carolina and/or national criminal background check at their own expense.  Students must also complete a medical exam, provide record of immunizations, show proof of medical insurance and carry CPCC’s accident insurance.  Current Provider Level CPR certification from American Heart Association or American Red Cross must be completed by the end of the first semester of the program. The student is responsible for the costs of each of these.  Required forms will be distributed at the Ophthalmic Medical Personnel Orientation session for students who are accepted into the program.

    The student must present evidence of good physical and mental health as specified in the ADA Essentials attached to this packet. (CORE PERFORMANCE STANDARDS FOR ENTRY LEVEL COMPETENCIES FOR THE OPHTHALMIC MEDICAL ASSISTANT).

    For information on student health records requirements, click here