Ophthalmic Medical Personnel Diploma Semester Schedule

Students interested in the Ophthalmic Medical Personnel diploma are required to complete forty credit hours in a three semester full-time student program. Applicants are admitted for fall semester only. Upon acceptance, students begin learning the knowledge and skills needed to become a certified Ophthalmic Medical Assistant.

Fall Semester

OPH 150 Introduction to Ophthalmic Medical Assistant

OPH 151 Ocular Anatomy & Physiology

OPH 113 Introduction to Diseases of the Eye

OPH 115 Ophthalmic Clinical Process I

OPH 119 Ophthalmic Optics & Refractometry

ENG 111 Expository Writing

MED 121 Medical Terminology

(Note: OPH courses will be taught in eight-week short sessions, with OPH 150 and OPH 151 preceding OPH 113, OPH 115 and OPH 119. OPH 150 and OPH 151 are pre-requisites for all OPH courses.)

Spring Semester

OPH 114 Basic Ophthalmic Pharmacology

OPH 116 Ophthalmic Medical Assistant Practicum I

OPH 117 Ophthalmic Clinical Procedures II

OPH 118 Ophthalmic Patient Care

PSY 150 General Psychology

COM 110 Introduction to Communication

Summer Semester

OPH 120 Ophthalmic Medical Assistant Practicum II

Courses required for AAS Opthalmic Medical Technician