Ophthalmic Medical Assistant Diploma Semester Schedule

Students interested in the Ophthalmic Medical Assistant diploma are required to complete forty-three credit hours in a three semester full-time student program. Applicants are admitted for fall semester only. Upon acceptance, students begin learning the knowledge and skills needed to become a certified Ophthalmic Medical Assistant.

Fall Semester

OPH 150 Introduction to Ophthalmic Medical Assistant

OPH 151 Ocular Anatomy & Physiology

OPH 103 Introduction to Diseases of the Eye

OPH 105 Ophthalmic Clinical Process I

OPH 109 Ophthalmic Optics & Refractometry

ENG 111 Expository Writing

MED 121 Medical Terminology

(Note: OPH courses will be taught in eight-week short sessions, with OPH 150 and OPH 151 preceding OPH 103, OPH 105 and OPH 109. OPH 150 and OPH 151 are pre-requisites for all OPH courses.)

Spring Semester

OPH 104 Basic Ophthalmic Pharmacology

OPH 106 Ophthalmic Medical Assistant Practicum I

OPH 107 Ophthalmic Clinical Procedures II

OPH 108 Ophthalmic Patient Care

PSY 150 General Psychology

COM 110 Introduction to Communication

Summer Semester

OPH 110 Ophthalmic Medical Assistant Practicum II