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Medical Laboratory Technology Admissions Process

The Medical Laboratory Technology program is a competitive enrollment program.  Each year a maximum of 24 students are selected.  Students are ranked according to the score on the attached admissions form.  If you are not accepted and you wish to reapply in the future, you must complete a new MLT Admissions Form.  Start your career in Medical Laboratory Technology today by completing the application.


  • Applicants must verify, by transcript, successful completion of a high school or college level Chemistry course with a grade of "C" or better within the last 10 years.  If you have never taken a chemistry course, this prerequisite can also be met by taking Chem 090 at CPCC.
  • All applicants must take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS).  The test is available in the Testing Center, and the cost is $65.00.

Admissions Process

  • If not currently enrolled at CPCC, complete the College Admissions Application in the Central High Building on Central campus, or at one of the multi-campus locations.  Designate the Medical Laboratory Technology Program holding code (A10300L) as the program of interest on the application.
  • Request one official transcript and one student copy of your high school and each college transcript.  Have each school submit the official transcript to the Student Records Department (PO Box 35009, Charlotte, NC  28235).  Upon receipt of transcript, the transcript will be evaluated for transfer credits.  It may take up to four weeks for the transcript evaluation process to be completed so please submit transcripts early in order to have this completed by the application deadline.  Have the student copy of each transcript sent to your home address.  These will need to be submitted with your admissions packet to the MLT program.  Note to International Students:  If your high school and/or college transcripts is/are from outside the United States, you will need an International Transcript Evaluation performed by an agency outside of CPCC.  There is a fee for this service.  You may obtain a listing of International Evaluators from the counselors in Central High Building, Room #212 or
  • Students who have not completed college English and Algebra courses must take English, Reading and/or Math/Algebra placement tests.  Tests are given on Central Campus, Central High Building.  Check with the Testing Center for the current schedule.  Students that have English and/or Math transfer courses must request a placement test waiver from an academic advisor or counselor.
  • After completing English and Math placement testing, be sure to meet with an academic advisor to interpret the results and determine if any developmental courses are needed.  All developmental courses MUST be completed prior to applying to the program.
  • All applicants must take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) at a cost of $65.00 (see Admissions Packet page 3 regarding this test).  It must be the most current version of the test.
  • It is recommended that all students attend an MLT Information session (see News & Events for times).
  • Complete the admissions packet including Past Academic Performance Form.
  • To obtain credit for work experience, a letter on official business letterhead from a supervisor must be attached to the admissions packet at the time of submission.
  • Submit a hard copy of the completed admissions packet, including copies of high school and college transcripts, TEAS test results, and letter verifying work experience, if applicable, to the Admissions Specialist .  (If you have only attended CPCC in the past, you will need to print and attach a student copy of your CPCC transcript with your admissions packet.)
  • Completion of the above steps will qualify you for the applicant pool from which the class will be selected for the upcoming year.  Admissions packets missing copies of transcripts or TEAS test scores are considered incomplete and will not be processed.
  • Admissions packets are processed in April and early May each year.  Students will receive a letter by email (to the email address listed on the admissions packet) in mid-to-late May concerning their admissions status.  Students will also receive a form to complete and return to the Program Chair formally accepting a position in the program.  Students will be required to attend an MLT Orientation in late May or in the summer before classes begin.
  • Upon acceptance into the MLT program, students will be required to submit results of a North Carolina and/or national criminal background check at their own expense.  Students must also complete a medical exam, provide record of immunizations, show proof of medical insurance, and carry CPCC's accident insurance.  The student is responsible for the costs of each of these.  Required forms will be distributed at the MLT Orientation session for students who are accepted into the program.
  • The student must present evidence of good physical and mental health as specified in the ADA Essentials attached to this packet.