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Medical Assisting Admissions Process: Accepting Applications for Fall 2015 (until June 19th or program is filled)

The Medical Assisting diploma program is a limited enrollment program.  Each semester a maximum of 24 students are selected along with 5 alternates. Students are ranked according to the score on the attached admissions form.  If you are not accepted and you wish to reapply, you must complete a new Medical Assisting Admissions Form.

Admission Requirements

In order to be admitted into the Medical Assisting program at CPCC, students must meet the following requirements.

  • The applicant must have graduated from high school or completed the GED.



  • The applicant should designate the Medical Assisting program using code D55280M as the program of interest on the CPCC College Admissions Application.


  • The student must submit official transcripts.  Request an official copy of your high school/GED and college transcripts be sent to CPCC Student Records, PO Box 35009, Charlotte, NC  28235-5009.  Transcripts are processed in the order of which they are received.  Please allow up to four weeks for processing.  You will be notified to your CPCC student email when the evaluation is completed.  International students applying for admissions to CPCC and the Medical Assisting program will need to have the International Transcript Evaluation completed by an agent outside of Central Piedmont Community College.  A list of International Evaluators is available in the counseling department in the Central High Building.  There is a fee for this service.


  • The student is required to complete the placement exams for math, reading and English.


  • The student should meet with an academic advisor or counselor to review placement test scores. Students must be eligible to enroll in ENG 111 before being accepted into the program.  Students requiring developmental courses, should complete these courses before applying to the Medical Assisting program.


Medical Assisting Program Requirements

After completing the admissions requirements to Central Piedmont Community College, the student should complete the Medical Assisting Admissions form.

A student is encouraged to complete ENG 111, COM 110, 120 or 231 and MED 121 prior to application to the Medical Assisting program.   The student must also demonstrate proficiency in basic computer skills through taking CIS 110 or by testing. An additional four courses will be considered on the admissions form.  Unofficial transcripts of these courses and the corresponding grades must be attached to the admissions form.

Students are required to take a keyboard test and demonstrate proficiency at 30 or more words per minute with 80% accuracy.  If typing speed is not 30 wpm with 80% accuracy after two attempts, the student must complete OST 131.

The Medical Assisting Admission Form and supporting documentation must be submitted to the Admissions Specialist in HE 3545 on or before the application deadline. The supporting documentation must be attached to the admissions form.  Incomplete admissions forms and documentation will not be considered for acceptance into the program.

All documentation, including copies of unofficial transcripts, must be attached to the Admission form.  The application will be considered incomplete if documentation and unofficial transcripts are not attached.  Incomplete applications will not be considered for admission.  Admission is based on points obtained from the following criteria:

  • Attendance of a Medical Assisting Information Session
  • Past Academic Performance
  • HOSA or Medical Academy Participation
  • Current Provider Level CPR certification from American Heart Association or American Red Cross.

It is suggested that applicants to the program attend an information session (optional).

Acceptance into the Medical Assisting program

Upon acceptance into the Medical Assisting program, students will be required to submit results of a North Carolina and/or national criminal background check at their own expense.  Students must also complete a medical exam, provide record of immunizations, show proof of medical insurance and carry CPCC’s accident insurance.  Current Provider Level CPR certification from American Heart Association or American Red Cross must be completed by the end of the first semester of the program. The student is responsible for the costs of each of these.  Required forms will be distributed at the Medical Assisting Orientation session for students who are accepted into the program.

The student must present evidence of good physical and mental health as specified in the ADA Essentials attached to this packet. (CORE PERFORMANCE STANDARDS FOR ENTRY LEVEL COMPETENCIES FOR THE MEDICAL ASSISTANT).