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Are you a licensed Cosmetologist seeking to add a degree to your professional status and credentials?

Credit by Professional Certification

CPCC Cosmetology offers course credits for licensed cosmetologists in the State of North Carolina that are interested in completing an Associates of Applied Science Cosmetology Degree.  If you are already licensed, chances are that you may be eligible to complete your degree in as little as two semesters.
Benefits of earning an AAS Cosmetology degree are:

• Master professional education requirements and professional growth and eligible to teach in an accredited post-secondary institution.
• Achieve and maintain high standards in the cosmetic arts field by attaining a mark of education distinction that will enhance professional portfolios and credentials specific to the beauty industry.

Licensed individuals may receive credits toward the AAS Cosmetology degree for some or all of the following courses:  COS 111, COS 112, COS 113, COS 114, COS 115, COS 116, COS 117, and COS 118.
The completion of this degree will require 21 credit hours of related course work to be completed at CPCC.

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