The associate degree is a 69-credit-hour program completed on a full-time basis in five semesters. The course work develops knowledge and skills in hair cutting, hair color and design, safety and sanitation, bacteriology, product knowledge, salon management and salesmanship, wigs, hair removal, lash and brow tinting, manicures, and much more. Simulated salon settings and serving the general public provide experiential learning with supervision provided by a trained and licensed instructor.

A student in COS 240 applies fantasy-style make-up to a peer.

Cosmetology Semester Schedule

Students interested in the Cosmetology program can apply and begin their studies in either the Fall or Spring semester. Upon acceptance, students begin a full-time course schedule, learning the knowledge and skills needed to be a licensed cosmetologist.

First Semester
COS 111 Cosmetology Concepts I
COS 112 Salon I
MAT 110 Math Measurement and Literacy

Second Semester
COS 113 Cosmetology Concepts II
COS 114 Salon II
ENG 111 Expository Writing

Third Semester
COS 115 Cosmetology Concepts III
COS 116 Salon III
PSY 150 General Psychology

Fourth Semester
COS 117 Cosmetology Concepts IV
COS 118 Salon IV
COM 110 Introduction to Communication or COM 231 Public Speaking
BUS 230 Small Business Management

Fifth Semester
COS 240 Contemporary Design
COS 223 Contemporary Hair Design
Humanities & Fine Arts Elective
ENG 112 or 113 or 114
CIS 110 Introduction to Computers

Interested in the AAS Cosmetology degree, new students must complete a Central Piedmont Community College Application prior to applying to the Cosmetology program.