The Classroom

The Math Emporium Classroom

All DMA Emporium course sections are scheduled to meet in computer classrooms.

Classroom Guidelines for Students (all campuses):

Students who attend class in The Math Emporium are expected to adhere to the following Student Guidelines:

  1. No Food and Drinks in Math Emporium classrooms. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. Cell phones should be on silent and put away at all times.
  3. All other college policies and procedures for students should also be followed.


Central campus Math Emporium - Zeiss Building, 2106

The Math Emporium, on CPCC's Central campus, is a 264-station computer classroom on the second floor of the Zeiss Building. It is dedicated to facilitate DMA Emporium course sections.

The Math Emporium is NOT a general use computer lab or "Student Technology Center". ONLY students enrolled in DMA Emporium courses should use the computers in the Math Emporium. Others will be asked to relocate.

*** All printed materials in the Math Emporium should be collected from the Information Desk counter. ***

Hours of Operation beginning Aug. 15th: