S.O.S. Math









What is S.O.S. Math?

S.O.S. Math provides extra help to DMA Math students in Traditional, Emporium, and Online DMA classes. Events are held on Central, Levine, and Cato campuses. Events include Extended Math Labs, a Supplemental Instruction Series, and help connecting to tutoring resources.

Who can participate?

Any DMA student can participate. Traditional, Online, and Emporium students are all welcome to attend ANY S.O.S. Math event.

What is the Supplemental Instruction Series?

The Supplemental Instruction (SI) series is a schedule of workshops focusing on specific topics important to DMA students. During the workshop, you will work with other students to discuss issues or solve frequently missed problems. A peer tutor will be present to ensure that the discussion is productive, accurate and positive.

What is an Extended Math Lab?

During an Extended Math Lab, you will work on assignments for your DMA course. While you are working, you may request help. While assisting you, our trained lab facilitators will help you identify strategies for success in your DMA class and in college in general. Some strategies that will be encouraged include setting long-term and short-term goals, overcoming obstacles, using effective study strategies, preparing for tests, managing math anxiety, etc... Extended Math Labs are "drop-in" events, so you can arrive or leave at any time during the lab hours.

How do I get started?

To get started with S.O.S. Math, just show up! There is no registration for our regular events. To participate in a DMA Success Seminar for NEW DMA students, visit The Math Division webpage and click "Register Now".