DMA Advancement Studies

Advancement Studies



DMA Advancement Studies is a pathway to complete 2 DMA courses during 1 four week DMA session. In order to be eligible to begin Advancement Studies, a student must first complete all course requirements in the current course in which they are enrolled. If a student anticipates completing a DMA course early and is considering the Advancement Studies option, they should contact their instructor as soon as possible to develop a plan for completion of the advancement DMA course as well.

Completion of a DMA course by Advancement Studies utilizes the "Credit by Exam" process. When a student has completed all preparation materials for the advancement DMA (after completing the DMA course in which they are enrolled), the student will deliver a "CBE form to the cashier's office and pay a small fee. Then, the instructor will allow them to take the Advancement Studies final exam. If the student passes, they have earned credit for the advancement DMA course by examination. This will be noted on the student's academic transcript and the DMA course will be considered complete for purposes of registration.

For more information, please contact your DMA instructor and reference "Advancement Studies". You may also email with additional questions.