The Math Emporium

Math Emporium bannerThe Math Emporium program at CPCC is both an instructional concept and a physical space. Students in Emporium-styled classes learn by utilizing a host of student-directed learning resources including an e-textbook, instructional videos, PowerPoint presentations, animations, guided solution tools, and unlimited practice problems. The course instructor and instructional assistants are present to provide one-on-one support as it is needed. The program also provides opportunities for extended support through supplemental instruction, one-on-one support, and "soft-skills" instruction.

The Math Emporium classroom on CPCC's Central campus is located on the second floor of The Elizabeth Classroom Building. This 264-station computer lab is the location of all DMA Emporium-styled course sections on Central campus. The Math Emporium Information Center staff is available to provide a wealth of information about DMA courses, extended learning opportunities, and college-wide resources. The Information Center is also the location of The Math Emporium print services.

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