Retake Policy Exceeded

Retake Policy Exceeded (Repeating Courses)

Effective Term: 2009 Fall

Consistent with the College’s position on repeating curriculum courses, students may repeat any mathematics course in an effort to earn a higher grade or to enhance her or his mastery of the course content. Students may not enroll in the same course more than three (3) times without approval of the Division Director, Discipline Chair, or Curriculum Coach. Students seeking an override for exceeding the College’s stance on repeating courses should adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Initial requests for an exception to the retake policy should be initiated by submitting a Mathematics Division ‐ Retake Policy Exceeded Form to the Division Director, appropriate Discipline Chair or Curriculum Coach. Upon receipt of endorsement by one of the aforementioned officials, the student will be allotted one (1) additional attempt at the course.
  2. In the event that approval of the initial request for an exception was not granted or that the fourth attempt at the course was unsuccessful, the student will be:

a. Required to take/retake the applicable mathematics portions of the Accuplacer assessment to insure proper course placement. The student will then be required to complete the prerequisite requirements that are indicated by this most recent Accuplacer assessment prior to being granted retake permission. Additional Accuplacer retest permission will not be granted.


b. Required to take the necessary prerequisite course work. This also applies to students that have not previously successfully completed the prerequisite coursework at CPCC.


c. Redirected to the CPCC Office of Counseling and Advisement Services to receive more comprehensive guidance related to his or her academic goals or to the extenuating circumstances associated with the previous unsuccessful attempts.

To request permission to retake a mathematics course (after having taken a particular course three times), access the Retake Permission Form and complete all information in the student section. In lieu of a physical signature, please type your full name in the block labeled “Student Signature".

Upon completion of the form you may submit it in one of the following manners:

  • Print the form and submit it in person to the Mathematics Division, located in Elizabeth Classroom Building 2120 on Central Campus.
  • Fax the form to 704.330.6092.
  • Save and email the form as an attachment to the Mathematics Division.  For this option, please follow the instructions provided below:
    • Select Save As, and save your completed form as a .pdf file with a name specific title.
    • For Example: John_Doe Retake Form.pdf
  • Attach your saved file in an email with your name in the subject heading.

Once your form has been received and reviewed, an individual from the Mathematics Division will contact you with further information.