Math Skills Support


MAT001P and MAT001S are supplemental math lab courses required for students that place directly into Pre-calculus (MAT 171) or Statistics (MAT 152) with a high school GPA between 2.6 and 3.0. MAT001P is a co-requisite course for Pre-calculus, while MAT001S is a co-requisite course for Statistics. Both 001 courses are a semester long. Students receive 1 credit hour and 2 lab/contact hours per course. The grading for both MAT001P and MAT001S is pass or repeat. To pass the course, students are required to earn an 80% or higher overall. The class time is organized to provide students with mini-lectures and collaborative group activities. Each mini-lesson recaps previously-taught content in the co-requisite MAT class. Students also work in collaborative groups on assignments that emphasize the previous week’s material. Outside of class, students complete short online homework assignments. MAT001P and MAT001S provide students with a one-on-one environment to ask questions, review basic math skills, and recap previously-taught content in the students’ MAT class. In addition, students increase their retention of mathematical knowledge and instructors provide student support. Ask an advisor about MAT001P and MAT001S!