K-12 Grant

In 2012, Central Piedmont Community College, CPCC, was given a grant by the League for Innovation in the Community College. The goal of the grant is to encourage and development math curriculum alignment between secondary and post–secondary institutions.


Beginning in the fall of 2012, members of the Math Division at CPCC embarked on the process of soliciting local High School Leaders (Principles and Faculty) in the discussion around the current curriculums at our respective locations. The partnership was formed with members of Butler High School, Performance Learning Center and Olympic High School.


During the four discussions that have taken place among the members of the partnership, an intervention strategy for the problem of curriculum alignment within our institutions would be defined as follows….

“This intervention is intended to serve as a mode of supplemental instruction for high school and community college mathematics students. The span of content is based on the needs of introductory algebra learners. Successful completion of the intervention will lead to improved performance on NCEMPT tests and other standardized mathematics tests and can be used to satisfy the prerequisite requirements for select community college math courses.”

For the pilot, our team is proposing a curriculum which will “overlap” what is traditionally covered and include an introduction to subjects that would give a stronger mathematical foundation for the participant. This intervention will be held and facilitated by instructors at all of the partnering institutions using traditional, virtual, and hybrid methods of delivery and the data compared.


Each institution will be responsible for choosing a method of delivery (traditional, virtual, or hybrid) and the students who will best benefit from this intervention. For the pilot, CPCC will be responsible for equipping all facilitators & students with the technology for the intervention.

When & Where

Attached is a list of strategies proposed by the partnering institutions.

Olympic High School

  • How: Academic Enrichment Who Fundamentals of Algebra I Students
  • When: Twice per week during school hours

Butler High School

  • How: Summer Enrichment
  • Who: Students prior to Algebra II
  • When: Afterschool; Virtually

Performance Learning Center

  • How: An Elective
  • Who: Students who are in Geometry
  • When: During School; afterschool