Math Division

Math Division bannerWelcome to the Math Division at Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC)

The mission and purpose of the mathematics division is to advance the mathematical knowledge and skill of all students enrolled in mathematics courses at the College; to plan and teach mathematics courses that fulfill developmental mathematics needs, associate degree, diploma and certificate requirements, upper-division transfer prerequisites and a variety of individual academic and personal goals.

Math Division Policies

Review policies and procedures specific to the Math Division at CPCC.

Math Courses

Our talented staff is ready to help you select classes that not only match your personal and professional goals, but also fit your busy lifestyle. View our full department list and select the one that best meets your needs.

Math Placement Testing

Placement testing provides an accurate and timely assessment of a student’s academic proficiency levels which helps CPCC verify that each student is placed in the most appropriate math course to ensure future success in the math program.

Math Help and Resources

Support resources for CPCC students taking math classes.

Math Division Contact Information

Math Division contact information and employee profiles.

Math Division Special Projects