Linking to Library Resources

Download a PDF with complete instructions on linking to pages within EBSCOhost, Opposing Viewpoints, Literature Resource Center, PBS Video Collection and more...

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What is EZproxy?

EZproxy allows CPCC students and faculty to use restricted library resources, such as our journal and magazine article databases, from off-campus. When users access a resource from off-campus, EZproxy routes them through the CPCC login page allowing them access to our subscription resources.

Why would I want to use EZproxy?

EZproxy allows you to add links to high quality and trustworthy library resources directly from your BlackBoard course shell. No extra logins required! A history course can link to an article in the New York Times Historical, which has coverage back to 1851. A course in psychology can link to readings from within scholarly psychological journals. With EZproxy, almost any resource available through the library website can be accessed from off-campus.

How do I use EZproxy?

First, you’ll need to obtain the permanent URL for the article or document and then add a short piece of code into the link. The code is entered just after the “.com” in the URL. After adding the EZproxy code you are free to copy and paste the link in BlackBoard. For example:

CPCC EZproxy code:

Permanent URL to a restricted library resource w/ code:

Where do I Find the Permanent URL to a document?

The location of the permanent URL varies between library resources.  We have included the location for many of our popular resources in this PDF document. If you need additional assistance or want to link to a resource not included in the Word document, contact Doug Short at x6845 or