Assistive Technologies

The library is committed to ensuring that all students have access to resources and equipment to increase their independence, productivity and success while at CPCC. In fulfilling this commitment, the library, in collaboration with Disability Services and Information Technology Services (ITS), has added the following leading-edge technologies to assist students in the Central campus library.

Kurzweil 3000 Read/Scan reading software (v.9) with HP Scanner and 20” monitor - This reading system provides for enhanced reading, writing and learning for low vision and learning disabled students. This system is located in the reference area on the 1st floor in the library the Central campus library.
Merlin LCD CCTV (Closed Circuit TeleVision) - A reading aid for text and image magnification. A 17” or 19” CCTV is located at each of the six campus libraries. In addition, CCTVs are also located in TE 231 and in Student Support Services at Levine.
Accessible Software - Microsoft Accessibility Tools assist users with vision, hearing and mobility needs. This tool is located on all PCs and can be accessed via the programs menu under the Accessories option.
Kensington Expert and Optical Trackball Mouse – Assists users with mobility impairments.
Oversized hand calculator - Numerical calculator with large key pad for individuals with vision and mobility impairments.
More to come!

Additional assistive technologies are available in Disability Services. Students who have a documented disability or who may think they may have a learning problem may contact Disability Services at 704.330.6621 (Voice) or 704.330.6421 (TTY).