A borrower may renew renewable items provided the material is not needed for another borrower. This renewal may be done either in person, by telephone or via the online at .


(3-2-1 Renewals)

Only applies to items which check-out 21 days

Three (3) week original checkout

Two (2) week, first renewal

One (1) week, second renewal


Loan Period Policy Details

  1. Renewals are granted dependent upon:
    1. material type
    2. the presence of a request for the material by another patron
  2. Additional renewals beyond the original “3-2-1Policy” are generally not granted.
  3. So that other patrons may have a chance to find the item by browsing, materials will not be renewed consecutively beyond the “3-2-1 Policy” Items must be returned to the shelf for 24 hours before being checked out again to the same patron. (However, extenuating circumstance may be considered.)
  4. Staff will not discharge a book then immediately check the book out again to the same patron the same day when the renewal maximum has been reached. Materials must return to the shelf for a minimum of 24 hours before being checked out again to the same patron.
  5. Library materials can be renewed in person or by phone or through the library's webpage[MH1] @
  6. Overdue materials can be renewed; however, any fines incurred prior to the renewal will be added to the patron's account.
  7. To maintain the integrity of the holds system, items which other patrons have requested  may not be renewed.
  8. When the renewal limit has been reached, it is the patron's responsibility to return the item or risk incurring fines and/or lost book charges.
  9. Staff will provide patrons with the new due date whenever an item is renewed. If an item is renewed over the phone, it is the patron's responsibility to record the new due date.

10.  If the patron's account is delinquent (current fines are at or above $5.00), materials cannot be renewed. Exceptions can be granted at the discretion of the manager or designated substitute.

11.  Renewal requests for Interlibrary Loan materials can only be granted through the Interlibrary Loan department. They must be requested at least five days before the item is due.

12.  Holds cannot be placed on multiple copies of the same item.

13.  Grace periods

  1. 3- hour checkout has 1 hour grace period
  2. 7-day checkout has 1 day grace period
  3. 14-day checkout has 1 day grace period
  4. 21-day checkout has 1 day grace period