Lost Materials


All library patrons, including faculty, are responsible for lost materials charges. Charges for lost materials are assessed to replace the items lost. They do not constitute purchase of lost materials, which remain the property of the State of North Carolina.

Refund for lost materials

Refunds for lost items will not be issued. Even if payment has been remitted and the patron locates the item, refunds cannot be made.

Replacement Purchases

The library no longer accepts patron purchased replacements for material.

Replacement Charges for Crossroads Café

Replacement charges for Crossroads Café materials are not set by the library and have special policies associated with them.

The following charges will apply for the Crossroads components:

  • Entire kit - $50.00

•     DVD - $12.00

  • Both printed materials - $25.00
  • Single printed material - $12.50

LEP coordinators will be contacted to replace lost and or damaged items.