Eyes on You Award - Fall 2017

Eyes on You Award  - Fall 2017

Fall 2017 Winners

Fall 2017 Winners

Pictured: David Urschel, Jesse Bennett, and Thomas Chuvalas

Not Pictured: Greg Platko and Scott Lewis

Andrea McCain was nominated by Leslie Lomax, who said, “Andrea is a remarkable asset to our Public Safety department. Countless times, she has gone above and beyond her current job responsibilities and duties. She has never limited her accounting and budgeting skills and knowledge to just her department. She has trained every new instructional office, executive, and program assistant assigned to Merancas Campus. Staff members has given her the title ‘The Budget Guru’."


Becky Barran was nominated by Audra Begg, who said, “Courteous and professional, humble and kind, principled and dedicated. These words paint a picture of the kind of person Becky Barran is. Furthermore, Becky is committed to excellence. She is disappointed if she cannot accomplish her daily tasks due to factors beyond her control--she thrives on meaningful productivity and being a contributor.”


Calvin Campbell was nominated by Paula Holmes, who said, “Mr. Campbell’s role at the college is to ensure that our minor student population have completed all required documents before entering CPCC. This is a very difficult and delicate time for many of the families and students.  Mr. Campbell assures them that they will be successful even if they believe the decision to drop out of school was a horrible mistake. He lets them know how they can get back on track. Mr. Campbell is an advocate for each and every student and goes out of his way to find the correct answer and connect the student with the proper resources.”


Caty Lorza was nominated by Carlos Roldan, who said, “Caty Lorza has demonstrated total commitment to the success of the Sciences Division. She is always willing to assist faculty/staff in every occasion needed.  Aside from all of her responsibilities, she has coordinated some events sponsored by the Sciences Division working alongside our dean, associate dean, and other staff members. These events were a great success partially due to her dedication and professional skills.”


David Favre was nominated by a colleague, who said, “David Favre is Division Director for the Transportation Technology program; however, I do not feel his title accurately reflects his ‘down in the trenches’ attitude/mentality at all!  Dave does not let his title define or confine him.  He rolls up his sleeves and connects with faculty and students in a way that I have never seen at the College.”


David Urschel was nominated by Mikael Fritts, who said, “David is one of the unsung heroes of CPCC. Being responsible for the Blackboard LMS, there is no one else in ITS that can challenge his knowledge of His dedication to keeping the system up and functional goes far and above what is expected for his role.

David has a very calming presence, especially when presented with an unforeseen problem, or

even an entire system outage. This extends to everyone that he interacts with, from students to faculty to staff, to his co-workers.”


Dorothy Fields was nominated by Dana Pianowski, who said, “Dorothy Fields warmly greets and welcomes our veteran students in our military centers and makes an effort to get to know each student as an individual. She is never too busy to lend an ear to student concerns and offer guidance and referrals when needed. For example, she patiently sits with a student to walk through a hands-on computer session for registration or with a work-study staff to assist with front desk service training. Dorothy displays grace and confidence when organizing our Veterans Day events.”


Erin Alsop was nominated by Tracy Pizzi, who said, “Erin exemplifies numerous behaviors that support the Learning College philosophy and does not receive nearly enough credit for the relentless work she puts into her position at CPCC.  As the sole College Archivist she maintains the preservation of college materials as well as marketing and educating the CPCC community and general public about the College Archives and the history of the College. From her first day at CPCC she has been researching, creating, and offering as many options as possible for learning and discovery.”


Greg Platko was nominated by Sabrina Black, who said, “Greg is a professional, compassionate and welcoming employee who truly excels in every aspect of his job.   He possesses a genuine and calm demeanor; and, practices extreme patience when a potentially exasperated instructor encounters a difficult IT problem that disrupts a simulation activity or the delivery of a technically-complex activity with healthcare equipment. Greg Platko is highly respected for his IT support and guidance for our allied health programs and nursing program.”


Jeff Hill was nominated by a colleague, who said, “Jeff Hill provides leadership and guidance to six offices, each with their own unique strengths and challenges. Jeff is an effective communicator who takes the time to share his knowledge with his team. He is also extremely supportive, willing to listen, and consistently encourages his staff to grow whether by taking courses, attending conferences, or taking the time to walk. Over the years, Jeff’s department has grown and increased its focus on customer service as a direct result of his disciplined and professional nature.”


Jesse Bennett was nominated by Dave Favre, who said, “Jesse brought life to student life at Merancas; she is filled with a positive, can do attitude and always puts students first. From the moment Jesse came to Merancas she immediately saw herself as part of the campus family. She learned all she could about the campus culture and our students. Through her collaborative efforts, we have been able to provide students with some amazing guest speakers and programs on our campus thus increasing student participation exponentially. Jesse is very intentional in the development of her student leaders.”


Lauren Estes was nominated by Jennifer Moe, who said, “Lauren works hard planning service activities and other activities for the students and the staff at Harris.  Prior to opening the food pantry at Harris, Lauren cleaned out the student life storage space, so that it could be used as the food pantry.  She spent time looking for and training volunteers.  When there's a blood drive or other opportunities to give back to the community, Lauren will often walk around campus talking to each individual staff member, faculty and student she encounters to see if they'd have an interest in helping out.”


Lauren Jacksina was nominated by Lisa LaCaria, who said, “Lauren is the first face that students see when entering the offices of the IT Division.  She doesn't hesitate to stop what she's doing and answer student questions or assist them in getting in touch with the appropriate individual.  That doesn't mean she just hands them a phone number or email address on a sticky note.  Lauren will contact the individual personally and explain the student's needs and make sure they are the appropriate person to assist and, if not, she keeps digging.  Students do not leave the IT Division with unanswered questions.”


Marquetta Massey was nominated by Marcia Moore, who said, “Marquetta has a meticulous yet broad approach in preparing coursework and pathways for new students as well as constant direction or redirection for those already in the program.  Due to a change in leadership, Marquetta was thrust into the role of program chair in late 2015.  The tasks were great in assessing, re-organizing and planning for the success of the HIT program.  She took on the additional responsibilities with grace and never got flustered.”


Patricia Holevas was nominated by Chris Burns, who said, “Patricia uses her time each day to help every applicant who walks into her office seeking help. She helps our potential students by making a personal connection and developing a personal relationship with them and does this for each program she serves. She remembers who they are and what challenges they may be working through. Patricia is dedicated in helping each individual become successful with our mission of workforce development.”



Phuquain Morales was nominated by Leran Johnson, who said, “Phuquain is the ideal employee and co-worker. He is one of the kindest and most helpful people I have ever known. He is always working to improve students experience when being admitted to CPCC. Phuquain is constantly leaving his desk to see if students are in need of assistance in the lobby or the registration line. “


Scott Lewis was nominated by a colleague who said, “Scott is one of the most devoted CPCC members that I have had the privilege of working with.  I have watched his devotion in how he tirelessly assists other teams while at the same time taking care of his own list of to do’s.  He is devoted to his staff and is often working late or coming in early to ensure that the college and its many working parts continue to run smoothly.  Many don’t know it, but CPCC is more than a 7am–10pm vehicle and Scott is instrumental in keeping it on the road!”


Sheena Williams was nominated by Sheena Ashley, who said, “Her way of engaging students in the classroom is remarkable. She has a tremendous level of respect for each learner who enters her class. She takes advantage of every minute in the classroom to make sure each student knows they have great potential and to ensure that no student feels marginalized. The majority of the students in our College and Career Readiness Department have faced significant adversity and coming back to school often feels like an uphill battle. Sheena meets them where they are and celebrates the positive attributes and valuable life experiences they bring to the classroom.”


Thomas Chuvalas was nominated by Stephen Lancaster, who said, “After enrolling at CPCC, Thomas was given the opportunity to work in the Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs (FA/VA) office as a Federal Work Study student. While employed in the FA/VA office, Tom has always served students with a passion, providing the best customer service possible. Tom works hard to provide the same level of service he would expect from others. One of the unique things about Tom is that he has never forgotten the journey he has had to travel in his pursuit of higher education and he serves students with this perspective and insight. Every interaction with faculty, staff, and students is handled with compassion and empathy as he understands the concerns, reluctance, and fears many traditional and non-traditional students have as they begin and make progress in the completion of their educations at CPCC.”


Tom Hollis was nominated by John Cone, who said, “Tom Hollis has had a long and extremely productive tenure at CPCC with service to students as his focus. If we consider the astronomical number of student productions that Tom has guided over the years, and further consider the hours and hours he has given to guide and develop the talents that these students bring to our College, it must be ranked as a staggering achievement. Few if any of us at CPCC approach the level of sacrifice in terms of time that Tom Hollis makes on a regular basis to the college and its students.  It is a usual practice to find him on campus during the day attending to his teaching duties in addition to countless hours in the evenings and during weekends helping his students achieve the level of success in dramatic production that is hallmark of excellence at CPCC.”



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