Employee Recognition Awards

Fall 2013 Employee Recognition Award Winners

(L-R: Carolyn Jacobs, Amy Dowdy, Mona Rabon)

Part-time Employee: Steve Bowman

What keeps our instructional programs so relevant and vibrant are the excellent part-time instructors who bring their work experiences and expertise into the classroom. This winner does just that.  A full-time employee at Siemens Energy, this part-time faculty member has devoted his spare time to delivering quality instruction based on his on-the-job experiences for many years to the students in his classes. He is willing to teach whatever classes the department needs to have covered, and his preparation is exhaustive. He updates his knowledge and skills by taking courses and seminars, demonstrating his real passion for lifelong learning.  CPCC and its students are so lucky to have part-time instructors such as Steve Bowman as a part of our team.


Classified Staff: Amy Dowdy

This member of the Classified Staff exemplifies professionalism in all her interactions whether it is with students, instructors, or business leaders.  She demonstrates a high level of energy and is truly a subject matter expert in her division. In the three years she has worked at the College, she has shown a great passion and dedication for CPCC.  She works on countless projects and has volunteered for leadership roles with the Classified Staff Council, showing that she is supportive of the whole college, not just her area. To list just a few of this winner’s accomplishments, she has managed the innumerable details of hosting an employee from Germany on an exchange program, coordinated STEM exhibits for the Women’s History Month celebration at the library, and worked weekends and nights to meet deadlines.  Regardless of the challenges or complexities of a situation, she always comes through, all while exhibiting grace under fire. Additionally, she takes classes at CPCC toward her degree. Amy Dowdy, project specialist in the STEM area, proves she knows how to get things done and she is a huge asset to the College.


Administrator/ Professional Staff: Mona Rabon

This winner was characterized as an exceptional person and leader; someone who has a passion that drives her work, and someone who consistently provides the most remarkable experience for students, fellow employees, and the community.  She has high standards for herself and others, always seeking new cutting-edge training programs that align with the College’s mission and the County’s goal of preparing citizens for the workforce.

Her colleagues attest that she leads by example, and though constantly busy, it is her management style to take the time to make all those around her feel valued, listened to, and important. She communicates her confidence in the capability and intelligence of her employees and works with them with great tact, consideration, and goodwill. These traits produce a loyalty and commitment within her area because her co-workers know she believes in them.  As her nominators said, “Mona Rabon guides, trusts, teaches, and uplifts us, and she is a shining star at CPCC.”


Instructor: Carolyn Jacobs

In a letter signed by an appreciative student, this faculty member is described as a teacher who enjoys a good laugh and makes the class fun.  However, her easy-going demeanor should not be misinterpreted as a casual approach to her job; quite the opposite.  She pushes each student hard.  She simply knows that a compassionate and understanding approach does more good than any amount of whip cracking ever can.

A former student said that she is an inspiring teacher, “as she helped me to grow as an artist by encouraging me to try new techniques and push my boundaries beyond where I felt comfortable. She allows students not only the opportunity to learn, but also to choose their own approaches to creative problems.”

A third student said, “I have had the privilege of studying under many fine instructors at CPCC, but none has made more of an impact on my life. Her knowledge and experience in the arts are rivaled only by her passion to see her students thrive and succeed. There cannot be enough praise given to Carolyn Jacobs—recognition as an outstanding instructor should only be the start!”

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