Employee Recognition Awards

Innovation of the Year

Bruce Johnson

As a member of the League for Innovation, CPCC recognizes the Innovation of the Year.  This year’s winning innovation is a non-credit academic enrichment program that is designed to strengthen students’ foundational skills in science, technology, engineering, and math topics so that they will be better prepared to successfully complete gateway college-level STEM courses.  Just as importantly, students make connections between what they are learning and careers. Instructional costs are supported by the National Science Foundation grant which is administered by Bruce Johnson, Associate Dean, STEM.

Part-time Employee - Kydia McCoy


Kydia McCoy began working at CPCC in 2014 as a part-time instructor, teaching a combination of ACA and MAT courses.  Since that time she has assumed additional duties as a program coordinator helping to introduce a revised mathematics curriculum into Summer Bridge; facilitating professional development designed to aid high school math teachers incorporate blended learning strategies into their courses; and most recently she played an instrumental role in maintaining interactive professional development activities that support the Career and College Ready Partnership.  This effort has been especially important due to the legislative mandate to move developmental education back in to the high schools. She regularly illustrates the adaptive and resourceful qualities needed to fulfill the goals of mission-critical initiatives.


Classified Staff - Joyce Crager

One of the nominators for this next award winner noted that he could create a list a mile long to support Joyce Crager’s nomination, and he was not the only one with an abundance of wonderful things to say about this award winner and her work in Admissions. She is an analytical problem solver, a collaborative team player, and a seemingly always cheerful and friendly colleague.  Even when working with complicated processes like the new Residency Determination Service, she maintained her pleasant demeanor, thought of possible obstacles in the test system and as importantly, created solutions to those and other obstacles.  She always has the students as her main focus and will go the extra mile to make the student process more efficient.  Joyce Crager is always just a phone call away.

Administrator/ Professional Staff - Michelle Miller

Employee Recognition Awards

Michelle Miller has served on many committees and task forces and produced events that have attracted visitors and speakers from all over the world.  She is a warm, caring, strong leader who listens to those around her, carefully considers multiple positions, and makes the best decision. She makes a concerted effort to listen for the core issue or unspoken need, whether that is with a business facing training needs, a direct report that needs some guidance on how to handle a situation, or a student just looking for an answer.  As a matter of fact, just last week at the community college’s president’s meeting, her work was praised. Michelle Miller creates an environment of learning, inclusiveness, responsiveness, excellence, and integrity in keeping with the College’s institutional values.

Instructor - Tessia Harman

Unfortunately, our outstanding faculty member for spring 2017 is no longer an employee of the College.  Tessia Harman, former program chair for Baking and Pastry Arts, is our award winner.  In her nomination packet, one of her students noted that she showed examples of both success and failure.  She taught failure as an opportunity to create something new and great.  Tessia made the class a learning experience and students showed up for class everyday excited and eager to learn more.





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