Employee Recognition Awards

Spring 2014 Employee Recognition Award Winners:

Becky Barran, Lauren Jacksina, Jim Bowen & Libby Vagnoni

Part-time Employee: Becky Barran

This winner has been a steadfast and dependable employee for about ten years. She provides assistance to her co-workers and department with great enthusiasm, and always responds positively when asked to work on a task. She is happy to assist students with all questions, mails information packets to prospective students, and coordinates the annual student field trip to the High Point Market. She assists in coordinating the annual Portfolio Show, an enormous task complicated by many details.

Becky Barran displays her loyalty to the Interior Design Program and its instructors and students in an exemplary manner.

2014 Spring Employee Recognition Award Winner: Classified Staff

This member of the Classified Staff is always a smiling face as she welcomes all intentional visitors and lost students to the department. She has compassion for students and reminds her co-workers by her example that we are all here to promote the successful futures of our students.

This winner is devoted to lifelong learning. Although she has her bachelor’s degree, she continues learning by taking one CPCC class per semester, balancing her work and education with her family life.  She has been a steadying presence through many changes and transitions in the division, and she managed to keep everyone on track. The Information Technology Division’s faculty and staff know they would be lost without Lauren Jacksina.

2014 Spring Employee Recognition Award Winner: Faculty

This faculty member is one of the most dedicated and hard-working members of his division. He is the first one to arrive at any special event, takes charge of coordination and organization, and makes sure everyone has whatever they need to be successful. He is then one of the last to leave. He has a wealth of knowledge about his subject matter and is happy to share it so others may benefit from his teaching experiences and technical expertise.

This winner is known for his smile and his unwavering support of CPCC students. He gladly spends much of his time advising, meeting, calling, and emailing students. One nominator said she has never seen an instructor so dedicated to student success. As a true role model, Jim Bowen, Program Chair and Instructor in Culinary Arts, is not afraid to show students how washing the dishes and taking out the trash is really done.

2014 Spring Employee Recognition Award Winner: Administrator

The winning administrator is the quintessential go-getter. She is quick to volunteer and considers it a privilege to serve the college on the Be Well Committee, United Way Campaign, Skyline Run, 50th Anniversary Committee and many other activities. She is an outstanding and excellent administrator who seeks ways to improve the working environment at CPCC. She is willing—even enthusiastic—about taking on leadership positions while others tend to step back. She has a passion for promoting wellness, and The Go Red for Women and American Heart Association’s Fit-Friendly Company projects were made possible through her initiative and efforts. Despite her serious health issue, or maybe because of it, this winner has a heart for helping others and has created gift bags for our colleagues who are dealing with a difficult diagnosis. Dr. Libby Vagnoni has a generous spirit and is a true servant leader at the college.


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