Employee Recognition Awards

2014 Fall Recognition Award Winner

Part-time Employee, Arthur Fritz

What keeps our instructional programs so relevant and vibrant are the excellent part-time instructors who bring their work experiences and expertise into the classroom. This winner is courteous and helpful and demonstrates an excellent rapport with our students. To be sure he understands all course material, he actually completes all lab assignments on his own so that he is familiar with each one and can better understand student needs.

Additionally, he shows his willingness to learn by requesting books and materials from instructors to re-skill and reinforce his current knowledge. As a former bank attorney, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the Information Technology program, yet his humble and calm demeanor make him approachable and engaging.

Congratulations to Arthur Fritz who is awarded the part-time employee award for his dedicated work as a lab assistant in the IT program.

2014 Fall Employee Recognition Award Winner

Classified Staff, Beverly Laws

This member of the Classified Staff exemplifies the best of CPCC. Not only does her work and attitude impact our students, but she is a great source of encouragement for faculty and staff members of the college. You can’t help but talk with her because her presence is so inviting. Some students come to see her because they are looking for something to eat or drink, and a safe environment where they can mingle with other students.  She makes them feel welcomed and that they matter to her.

In the words of one student, “Coming back to school has not been easy. Having supportive people in your corner is a relief. She has strengthened me in my faith and helped me to communicate with people, prioritize my life, and schedule my time better. Every morning, I begin my day by stopping by to say hello because I know Beverly will have something encouraging to pass on to my spirit.”

Thank you to Beverly Laws from the Family Resource Center for your commendable contributions to the college and its students.


2014 Fall Employee Recognition Award Winner

Administrator/ Professional Staff, Angela Marmolejo

This winner has had several jobs at the college, but in each one, she has always put the student first by providing a supportive and welcoming environment that is student centered. She is able to maintain that delicate balance of patience and firmness as she supports student learning. One student said, “She was always optimistic and could see the potential in me.” Another student said “With her special charm, she showed us that improving our skills would open doors for us. I see how she loves her job, and it is reflected as she helps those around her.”

With her co-workers, she balances conscientiousness and commitment to excellence with kindness and a great sense of humor. She devises innovative plans and protocols on how to better serve the students in the department. Reducing students’ often considerable barriers to full participation in their learning, she proactively identifies needed resources including transportation assistance, professional clothing, and family and employment support services.

Angela Marmolejo from Pathways to Employment, provides encouragement and support, giving students the courage, strength, confidence, and stamina they need to be successful.

2014 Fall Employee Recognition Award Winner

Instructor, Marsi Franceschini

This winning faculty member has won the hearts of her students.  One student commented, “She is always enthusiastic about teaching, and will bring a smile to any student’s face.  If only I could have her teach every single one of my classes!”

But she is also a hard worker; each semester she creates comprehensive training packets and conducts sessions for nearly 75 part-time instructors, and gives them valuable feedback to help them enrich their profession and better serve our students. She has revolutionized the effectiveness of some of CPCC’s courses by developing curriculum for the new state-mandated DRE classes by providing comprehensive, consistent courses with common objectives, course materials, grading rubrics, assessments, core competencies, and faculty training.

This fall she was responsible for the coordination and management of more than 180 redesigned sections of English. She continues to learn by regularly attending professional development conferences and representing the college at the state level where her expertise is recognized.

Marsi Franceschini, Discipline Chair and Instructor for Developmental English, sets the standard for high expectations within her division by consistently modeling excellence in teaching and learning.


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