Eyes on You Award

Eyes on You Winners
Spring 2013

From L-R: Brian Stearns, Carrie Paynter, Teresa Hall, Ellen Scott, Helen Kolman

Brian Stearns was nominated by Marilyn Wright, who described his composure, professionalism, and dignity. She said that even in the face of difficult times, he is able to maintain a positive outlook. Brian is seen as someone who easily transitions between the roles of teacher and health care provider as he assists his students. He is bright and innovative and never tires of sharing his insights with others. Brian’s generous nature is valued by all those with whom he works.

Ellen Scott was nominated by Savannah Greer, who described her caring nature and dedication to every aspect of her position. Ellen works tirelessly to ensure that transfer students at CPCC make smooth transitions. Her colleagues recognize her commitment to staying abreast of changes in the degree requirements in senior institutions in North Carolina. Ellen makes every effort to see that students leave CPCC happier and better prepared to transfer than when they arrived.

Helen Kolman was nominated by Meagan McNamee, who described her as the “backbone” of the Mathematics Division. Helen has had a steadying influence in the midst of dramatic changes in the math curriculum and the structure of the division itself. Helen’s students and colleagues across the College view her as an outstanding instructor. The time and energy she invests in preparing her lessons to ensure learning speak to her dedication and commitment. The words “above and beyond” don’t begin to capture all that Helen does for the College.

Carrie Paynter was nominated by Christy Curts, who praised her organizational and communication skills. Carrie’s ability to work across units and to develop trust and good working relationships is recognized and appreciated. Christy also described to the committee Carrie’s work with capstone classes. She has used that opportunity to instruct students on resumes, interviewing, and job search techniques. Carrie is sensitive to the needs of our students and goes out of her way to help them attain their goals.

Teresa Hall was nominated by Linda Dunham, who described her dedication to students. She especially praised Teresa’s work with the Model United Nations Club. The work that she has done with this Club has allowed students to experience learning opportunities that would otherwise have been unavailable. Teresa’s introspective nature helps her continuously improve what she does. By asking, “How can I improve this?” her work continues to be exemplary.

Eyes on You Nominees

Molly Bonnett was nominated by Cheryl Simmons, who shared with the committee some of the things Molly does to create positive learning environments for our students. She is known as someone who will cheerfully undertake any assigned task, no matter how big or small. In fact, Cheryl said that Molly is that person who comes along with her exuberant personality and take-charge attitude and develops a plan to get the job done. She doesn’t mind jumping in to assist, and she does so with humility and graciousness.

Wendy Golik was nominated by Kristi Stiles, who said that her knowledge and interpersonal communication skills have allowed her to develop strong working relationships with our students and employees. Even during high volume times, Wendy greets every student and employee with a smile and makes sure they are satisfied with the resolution to any issue. Wendy consistently looks for feedback as a way to improve service to our students. Because of her openness to constructive criticism, people remark that they have never seen her make the same mistake twice.

Jerry Pickler was nominated by Emily Maddy, who said that he is an exemplary Professional Development employee because he answers every question with patience, courtesy, and understanding. Jerry’s approach to every question is that it is important. He is viewed as a lifelong learner—one who continues to expand his knowledge base. People enjoy working with Jerry because of his cheerful personality and his willingness to share his expertise.

Amy Bagwell was nominated by Kathryn Wells, who said that Amy is flexible when working with others, gentle in spirit, and dedicated to her work and her students. Her contributions to the arts, Sensoria, veterans, and the Wall of Poems are appreciated by all. Amy is an engaged professional who seeks opportunities to make the learning experience better for students.

Percell Hobbs was nominated by Brad Bostian. Brad praised Percell’s ability to make the students with whom he works feel valued and engaged. He is viewed as someone who invests much energy and enthusiasm into making the environment at the College a positive one for students. When Percell sees a problem, he takes the initiative to find a solution. This is all done in the name of student learning and success.

Tammi Smith was nominated by Gene Pease, who said that she epitomizes the word “professional.” Tammi is someone who goes beyond what would normally be expected. Her efforts to promote the College’s health programs help create a quality pool of potential students. Although she is excellent at what she does, Tammi also works to improve. She regularly evaluates her job and creates ways to improve the system—her goal being to make things better for the students. Her colleagues appreciate Tammi’s contributions to the programs she serves so well.

Kristen Monteith was nominated by one of her colleagues who said that Kristen knows how to bring out the best in her students. She not only sets high expectations for students, but also provides the support and guidance they need. Kristen’s contributions to Sensoria were noticed and appreciated. By making the children’s artwork the center of the Harris Campus’s Sensoria event, she provided observers with a window into what children are able to do. Her leadership with Project ACCEPT has established a high benchmark for other community colleges to follow. Kristen goes beyond expectations in an effort to create a better learning environment for our students.

Helen Pham was nominated by Carol Houston, who described her as a detail-oriented and meticulous professional. Helen’s coworkers appreciate her tremendous work ethic and positive attitude. She is diligent in her work to see that students receive their refunds in a timely manner. Helen’s emphasis on customer service and customer satisfaction is apparent to all who observe her at work.

Jerry Landry was nominated by Kimberly Kaylor, who described Jerry as friendly, upbeat, and always pleasant and helpful. The entire Health Sciences Division appreciates his advice and expertise. Jerry is patient and takes all the time that may be needed to help the faculty and staff address their technical challenges. His exceptional organizational skills have contributed to the successful implementation of two important grants.

Mandy Saunders was nominated by Deborah Adams, who described her strong commitment to students and their success. Deborah especially praised Mandy’s work in establishing the Veterans Resource Center. Mandy is seen as someone who not only sets high standards for those reporting to her, but someone who also provides the needed support. Her ability to juggle multiple responsibilities, nurture those with whom she works, and maintain a positive and optimistic outlook inspires those around her.

Armah Shiancoe was nominated by Tim Bunch, who said that Armah empowers students to accomplish their goals. His efforts to establish Communities in Colleges at CPCC have made a difference in the success of our students. Armah always puts students first in everything he does. Students recognize this and seek him out for his advice and guidance, even though he can be firm with them. He is admired by his colleagues because of the selfless approach he takes in working with students.

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