Eyes on You Award

Eyes on You WINNERS: FALL 2013

(l-r: Amy Bagwell, Missy Bizarro, Lynette Kendrick, Mark Helms, Steve Gore)


Fall 2013

Amy Bagwell was nominated by Elizabeth Rogers, who said, “Amy teaches English composition and literature. However, her student-centered and community-wide endeavors in the past year transcend the traditional role of classroom instructor. This year she served as chair of the Literary Events of the Sensoria Advisory Board, where she coordinated meetings and program planning with faculty, staff, and representatives of the broader N.C. arts and writing community. Amy oversaw all the literary workshops, readings, presentations, and classroom enrichment for Sensoria's week-long arts festival while continuing with her full-time teaching load and divisional responsibilities. Also, Amy conceived and founded the Wall Poems of Charlotte public art project, incorporating original designs from CPCC's Advertising and Graphic Design students in a celebration of the written word. The resulting poetic murals grace uptown Charlotte architecture and once again put a spotlight on CPCC's innovative programs, students, and faculty.”

Lynette Kendrick was nominated by Martin House, who said, “Lynette is a shining star of a ‘can do’ and ‘will do’ attitude. She always has a smile on her face and is pleasant despite the work stress of numerous projects. Lynette is recognized for her professionalism and work quality. She is always willing to pitch in on any work project or special task. Lynette started the Mecklenburg Jail Outreach Program, where she helps bring education to inmates to enhance and improve their lives. Lynette is an open, honest, and genuine person who is dedicated to CPCC and her students.”

Mark Helms was nominated by Tony Jones, who said, “During his tenure at CPCC, Mark has made numerous contributions toward a learning-centered environment by promoting the development of students. A significant achievement has been the growth of Service Learning at CPCC. Mark’s vision and leadership were key to building a successful program that coordinated the efforts of faculty, ESS, students, and community partners. In working with Mark on the College’s Care Team, I’ve been impressed by the spirit he brings to situations concerning student safety and conduct. Mark wants to help students get back on track so they can continue their education. To this end, he has developed new methods to engage students in behavioral interventions, hoping to frame these situations as learning experiences for students. His orientation toward genuine student development is evident, even in the most difficult circumstances.”

Missy Bizzaro was nominated by Kris Motto, who said, “Not much gets done in our department without Missy’s involvement. She is at the center of everything we do. For every major accomplishment, Missy is there helping with the details. She brings up concerns and picks out challenges, not only with timelines, scheduling, and procurement, but also with the technology. In a way, she’s the voice of the user. As ITS works though technology issues or goals, she helps ensure that no one loses sight of the true impact to students. Missy also makes sure that no one in our department is forgotten. When there are life challenges and losses, she thinks of everyone. Through good times and bad, Missy always supports and coordinates the ITS department in a way that seems to embody the 'people-first' culture of CPCC. Her input and support hold ITS together as a unified team.”

Steve Gore was nominated by Adam Brooks, who said, “Steve acts with integrity, teaches with passion, and strives to prepare students for careers. He does this while maintaining a focus on student learning and community. Steve works diligently to impact the future of CPCC students in a positive way. Steve is open to new ideas and better ways to do things. He actively seeks new ideas for improving teaching and learning from colleagues.  Steve evaluates personal performance in an effort to continuously improve by seeking feedback and new ideas from colleagues. Steve is a lifelong learner and is willing to share that expertise. He is a non-traditional adult learner, having earned his undergraduate degree as a working adult. In this way, our students uniquely identify with him and value his perspective.”




Alice Pough was nominated by Dana Cole, who said, “I would like to nominate Alice Pough for the “Eyes On You”’ award. Seldom do you see a staff member that is as good at supporting students' desire to learn. The key word that describes her is supportive. She spends hours each semester working with new students, helping them learn how to choose and register for classes. Students seem to relate to Alice in a special way. They instantly feel her support and caring. She uses her patience and knowledge to help them build their confidence. All of us at Cato feel blessed to work with Alice.”


Cynthia Brunson was nominated by Vicky Semple, who said, “Cynthia is truly dedicated to taking the Office Administration program to a higher professional level by cleverly introducing a computer station in the office for volunteer and work-study students to gain office experience. She is always open to new ways to make sure students are recognized for their outstanding work in the program. Cynthia has expertly guided our student organization chapter into become an exceedingly successful group by coaching students in skills such as planning, goal setting, leadership, and cooperation.  She unselfishly gives of her time to confer with students early or late in the day to assist them with their unique learning challenges. She is well known as a person who does not hesitate to reach across units to find a solution for a student.”


Dawn Coleman was nominated by Lynn Williams, who said, “Dawn is very motivated, professional and—last but not least—ORGANIZED. She always looks for better ways of doing things and is open to new ideas. No job is beneath her; you will never hear her say, “That’s not my job.” She makes every effort to know when her team needs her and does whatever it takes to get the job done. She goes above and beyond what is expected, and her colleagues appreciate all she does. Dawn’s leadership, team work, communication and learning skills are all an asset to her, her colleagues, her clients and CPCC.”


Edmund Quintero was nominated by Chris Emery, who said, “In just a short period of time, Ed has become an integral member of the team, stepping up to help mentor student interns on the web development team, taking extra time to ensure their questions are answered, all the while meeting his own project deadlines and work responsibilities. Ed is one of the first to research, explore, test, and otherwise participate in discussions on how to apply new and emerging technologies and standards. He is always available to help a colleague and has become an indispensable member of our team.”


Elilta Barnabas was nominated by Mike Putts, who said, “Elilta is a prime example of all the times we hear the phrase ‘CPCC sure hires great people.’ As Coordinator of Student Information Systems, she's responsible for making sure Datatel works properly in relation to records, registration, grades, and permissions. She does an excellent job of collaborating across units with her trouble-shooting, granting access  and system fixes.  She does all of this while staying calm, professional, and upbeat. If she ever gets flustered, she certainly doesn't give any indication as she's always smiling.”


Ezell Ellington was nominated by Clidell Conston, who said, “Ezell has an ability to bring calm during  stressful situations in Financial Aid. He helps students find alternative ways to enter CPCC when they would ordinarily just give up and quit. Ezell is a motivator with a winning personality.  He is able to speak at the student's level, no matter the circumstance or culture. His generous spirit helps students feel valued and welcomed at the College.”


Holly Woodruff was nominated by Jocelyn Cash, who said, “Holly Woodruff is an inspiring and hard-working instructor. She teaches creatively—having her students build cell models and design board games to teach some of the most complex and difficult concepts in biology. She involves her students in service learning. One of the popular projects they do together is going into elementary schools and teaching the children about metamorphosis. Holly collaborates on any number of College projects, including the annual STEM Science fair, the Geek Fest, and last semester's Women in Science displays.  Holly is constantly striving to find ways to engage students and help them to be able to follow through on their big ideas.”


Howard Byrd was nominated by Rita Dawkins, who said, “Howard is compassionate, kind, and respectful of his students and fellow colleagues. His spirit as a servant leader is obvious as he goes about his daily duties. He is an extremely hard worker who takes student success very seriously.  Howard has met with thousands of students, but treats each one in a special manner. He takes time to listen to their goals, challenges, and triumphs. Howard greets student #1 as graciously and helpfully as student #101. He continuously goes beyond the call of duty in serving our students.”


Jason Temples was nominated by Catherine Kurilla, who said, “Jason possesses the qualities necessary to be a successful research analyst. He understands the College data, and when something isn’t clear he is not afraid to ask questions. Jason can communicate his knowledge to others and is always willing to help a coworker. Jason is a talented SAS programmer and is always finding innovative and more efficient ways to program. He is consistently willing to take on new and challenging tasks, he can handle multiple complex projects at one time, and he collaborates well with colleagues. Jason does all of this with a positive and upbeat attitude.”


Laura Temples was nominated by Heather Parusel, who said, “I have had the opportunity to work with Laura Temples from ITS. Laura has consistently provided the highest quality service to the project, its partners, and her colleagues. Working with a diverse team of technical and non-technical professionals, Laura has been instrumental in the development of a technology solution that will have a tremendous positive impact on students. Laura has contributed to the development of a complex technical plan, constructively shared ideas, and provided critical information and insight, with most of this work occurring outside the scope of her “regular” duties. She shares her knowledge and expertise in a way that acknowledges the skills and talents of her colleagues  and is accessible and understandable. Laura is a tremendous asset to our institution.”


Loretta Evivie was nominated by one of her colleagues who said, “Loretta is constantly concerned with improving student outcomes while in school and building a sense of community among the Business and Accounting program students. As the director of the Business and Accounting division, Loretta started Business and Accounting Week to bring together B&A students to hear from local and national business professionals. She challenges faculty to continually improve their classes, both seated and online, and encourages faculty to explore alternative methods of teaching.”


Marianne Lyall-Knusel was nominated by Greg Walters, who said, “Our program would be less directed without Marianne’s touch—she is like a light that provides insight. Intrinsic in her approach is allowing colleagues and staff time for reflection. She knows this is critical and that it leads to good methodology and results. She surveys students and staff and responds to results, thereby extending the learning environment. Recently, she surveyed students to attempt to understand their goals in studying ESL, and positive changes are occurring in response. Principally, Marianne seeks to understand the individual and create an environment that recognizes effort and assumes the best in students and staff. She provides a way for the learners around her to work toward their potential.”


Nancy Green was nominated by Bob Anderson, who said, “Nancy is one of the hardest working individuals at CPCC. Whether she is engaging with our students, faculty, or staff, Nancy is always professional, patient, and dedicated to providing the best service possible. Her goal is to provide high quality work, and she is never satisfied unless her work is the very best. Many times with the hectic pace that our faculty face, print jobs are needed at the last minute. Nancy understands the environment that our faculty and staff operate in and is willing to go the extra mile to meet those needs. This in turn benefits our students and the learning environment at CPCC.”


Niem Le was nominated by Laudan Tehrani, who said, “Niem shows his value to the College, its staff and students by being a stellar and knowledgeable go-to person. Everyone who knows Niem raves about his professionalism, his positive attitude, and his helpful nature. He doesn't just stop what he's doing to help others when needed, but he does so with the utmost patience. He takes the time to show appreciation for others, making sure that no good deed is left unnoticed and that everyone is recognized for their efforts. It's people like Niem who make coming to work so enjoyable.”


Pat Nash was nominated by Sara Graham, who said, “Pat is a teacher and above all a coach. A good coach teaches and allows the players to learn from their mistakes—Pat does just that. She is patient, optimistic, encouraging, dedicated, persistent, and kind. Pat is never idle—always investigating, researching, and passing the information along to anyone she thinks would benefit. She spent an entire day with my staff working on our assessment project. Pat guided us from vague ideas to a clear plan that promises to yield worthwhile data. Throughout the entire process she remained focused, even when we were completely lost.”


Timothy Bunch was nominated by both Carolyn Stafford and Delois Young who said, “Tim is a recruiter at heart and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. He is a great listener and is patient with every student. Tim does not sit around and wait for someone else to take the lead in helping students. He will be the first to ask how he may help them. He greets every student and employee with a smile and makes sure they get what they need. Tim is a very hard worker. He is flexible when working with others, gentle in spirit, and dedicated to his work with students and staff. He never complains, and he is always willing to help out the team, a co-worker, or anyone that needs help. I have never seen Tim refuse to help, no matter what is asked of him.”


Tony Bateman was nominated by Pamela Mcintyre, who said, “Tony Bateman is one of the most prepared and professional faculty members at CPCC. He always has a positive outlook and approach with students and colleagues and demonstrates a zeal for learning and collaborating with others, both within and outside his program area. He is a role model for faculty and students. Tony inspires CPCC students and others to participate in service-learning opportunities and works to increase their level of civic engagement. In addition to his professional responsibilities at CPCC, he is a leader in the Charlotte community, including coaching youth league baseball, holding leadership positions in Boy Scouts. Tony is also involved in the Do the Right Thing Program that recognizes area high school students for their actions. He is a life-long learner who is committed to the success of others.”

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