Eyes on You Award - Spring 2012

Spring 2012 winners

(from L-R: Wendy Coley, Tyshawn Chisolm, Sheila Clemons)

Richard Griffin was nominated by Ian Brice, who described him as energetic, enthusiastic, positive, and customer focused. Ian was especially complimentary about his responsiveness to student printing needs and the replacement of the coin boxes. Richard is seen as someone who is collaborative and who bridges the gap between departments in order to get things done. Anyone who returns to school as an adult is indeed a lifelong learner. The fact that Richard also encourages and supports others in doing so makes him a generous mentor as well.


Wendy Coley was nominated by Dena Shonts, who remarked on her ability to make everyone feel welcome when they visit the Student Life Office. Wendy was described as extremely patient and sensitive to the various needs of students. Her positive attitude is infectious; she makes everyone she encounters feel cared for and happy. Even though Wendy is able to make time for each and every student, she also continues to manage the office, build cross-departmental relationships, balance budgets, and support several co-curricular initiatives. She is a “poster child” for energetic and enthusiastic engagement.


Christine Sargeant was nominated by Lisa Godwin and was described as someone who works tirelessly to ensure that Early Childhood students have meaningful learning experiences. Lisa specifically mentioned Christine’s effort to incorporate service learning into her courses. This approach now serves as a model for others. In fact, her collaborative and selfless approach to teaching inspires others to become better teachers. Yet Christine continues to refine and improve her own techniques by reflecting on her teaching practices. Lastly, as an advocate for children, she works diligently to remain abreast of political and social issues that impact children and families.


Sheila Clemons was nominated by Cheryl Raley, who recited a list of superlatives for nearly five minutes without taking a breath. Cheryl praised her as compassionate, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and a self-starter who can lead and follow with equal success. Sheila is seen as someone who is constantly looking for process improvements. By listening to her customers, she is able to find ways to make things run more smoothly and efficiently. No matter how hectic things get, Sheila keeps a positive attitude and a spirit of enthusiastic optimism. She willingly shares her knowledge with colleagues and is an eager learner when others share their expertise.


Tyshawn Chisholm was nominated by both Dione Dixon and Darrien Page, who could not say enough about his generous spirit and his unceasing commitment to the Minority Male Mentoring Program. They described how Tyshawn has built strong relationships with faculty so that they would feel comfortable referring students to his program. He also created a “safe zone” for students in 3MP that allows them to study and ask for help without fear or embarrassment. Tyshawn’s dedication to this special population is an inspiration to all those with whom he works.




Calvin Walton was nominated by Brian Stearns, who described him as a remarkable teacher who cares deeply about students and the profession. Brian spoke of his ability to manage the Developmental Disabilities Program, advise students, work on another degree, participate in theater productions, and volunteer with community agencies. Calvin is an inspiration to his colleagues as well as his students. It is no wonder that students line the hallways looking for ways to get into his classes.


Cathey Ross was nominated by Vivian Jenkins, who described Cathey as a dedicated professional who is a role model for patience and wisdom. Students, instructors, and administrators stop by her office for input and advice. She is seen as someone who can listen to all sides of a problem and find the most appropriate solution. Cathey’s positive attitude and sense of fairness make her a valued member of the Learning Unit.


Lisa LaCaria was nominated by Don Belle, who described her as friendly, diligent, collaborative, and student centered. He spoke of Lisa’s efforts to contain costs for students by adopting e-books for some of her classes. As a life-long learner, her decision to pursue a second master’s degree so that she could better serve her students is inspiring. Students at CPCC are lucky to have someone so dedicated to improving their educational experience at the College.


Jim Mountjoy was nominated by Kenn Compton, who spoke admiringly of his industry experience and his decision to share his expertise with students at CPCC. In fact, he said that Jim was helping shape the future of design education at the College. Kenn also described Jim as someone who inspires a passion for learning, design, critical thinking, and excellence. Jim’s individual work with students is remarkable, especially as a part-time instructor. Advertising and Graphic Design is a better program and our students are better designers because of his many contributions.

Ezell Ellington was nominated by Anver Classens, who was very impressed with the way students have responded to his efforts to help them with financial aid issues. Anver described Ezell as helpful, patient, and engaging. His ability to work with students who are often unfamiliar with college requirements is remarkable. Ezell is always looking for ways to make processes easier for them. His work has been valuable in bridging institutional silos and bringing people together to make things better for our students.


Nicki Dardinger was nominated by Lori Ferguson, who admires her positive, collaborative, and encouraging approach. Nicki is seen as a team player who has a special way of bringing people together and creating unity. She welcomes questions by keeping an open door and never getting frazzled—even when things are crazy. Nicki keeps CPCC’s ultimate goal of student success in focus so that she never loses her way.


Leigh Owens was nominated by Maria Harrell because of her strong work ethic, her positive attitude, and her excellent communication skills. Leigh is seen as someone who is always looking for ways to improve how things are done. Maria particularly mentioned Leigh’s GoGas system and the money that innovative process has saved the College. Leigh goes quietly about her job and does great work without ever seeking recognition. Leigh’s colleagues do recognize and appreciate all that she does to make CPCC a better place to learn and to work.


Jeannette Coggins was nominated by Diann Back, who commented on her patience and helpful nature. Jeannette is seen as the one who takes responsibility for making things run smoothly at Levine Campus. She goes out of her way to answer questions from students, faculty, and community members. If she doesn’t know the answer, she will find out. Even though everyone thinks she is fabulous, Jeannette is always looking for ways to improve her performance. Her efforts make Levine a kinder and gentler place.


Renée Ebalaroza was nominated by Joyce Crager because of her professionalism, self-confidence, and critical thinking skills. Joyce described her as the ultimate team player who goes beyond what is expected to make Merancas a wonderful campus at which to work. Renée is seen as someone who is inclusive and quick to involve others so that she invites the best thinking of all stakeholders. She is always ready to jump in and assist others, even when it is outside her job responsibilities. Renée is much admired by her colleagues at the Merancas Campus.

Mark Coltrain was nominated by Abby Rovner, who described his tireless efforts to support students as they work to develop their information literacy skills. Mark is seen as someone who goes the “extra mile” to help students and colleagues. His willingness to share what he learns at conferences, in classes, or through self-improvement efforts is appreciated by his co-workers. Mark’s generosity of spirit makes the library a better place to work.

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