Eyes on You Award - Spring 2010

EYES ON YOU Winners for Spring 2010



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Eric Malmberg was nominated by Theresa Boyd, who praised his patience and professionalism. She said that Eric is very creative in coming up with ways to do things more efficiently without ever losing sight of the main issue—doing what is best for our students. Eric’s commitment to lifelong learning sets the standard for those with whom he works. He is seen as someone who is constantly honing his craft. It was mentioned that the people in Disher enjoy his help, always provided with a shy smile.

Chad Campbell was nominated by Ken Ingle, who said that he is a “dedicated individual who is unafraid to accept new tasks and responsibilities.” Ken described him as a lifelong learner, always either taking classes or picking up new skills on his own. Chad’s dependability is something on which his colleagues have come to rely. One co-worker wrote, “Chad can always be trusted to deliver when it counts most!”

Peggy Rivers was nominated by both Mary Collin and Eric Jensen. Peggy is one of the few special people at CPCC who has been nominated by multiple colleagues. Mary described Peggy as gracious, welcoming, inspiring, and dedicated. Eric described her as selfless, humble, encouraging, and generous. Both spoke of her ability to bring art to life. Peggy’s learning-centered approach is seen in the classroom, the art gallery, and in conversations with students, artists, and employees. She sees the potential in others and gives of herself in order to help them explore their potential. Both nominators said that the College is fortunate to have someone with Peggy’s heart and passion working here.

Tony Jones was nominated by both Linda Jones and Heather Hamilton. Tony is one of the few special people at CPCC who has been nominated coincidently by multiple colleagues at the same meeting. Linda described Tony as dedicated, collaborative, encouraging, and a great listener. Heather mentioned his quiet leadership, generous nature, and his empathetic spirit. Both nominators saw Tony as a calming person and an effective servant leader, providing resources and support so that those who report to him can be more effective. Tony’s integrity is valued by all who work with him. He inspires his colleagues because he models what he teaches.

Farhad Javidi was nominated by Mike McGee. He praised Farhad’s ability to motivate students and colleagues. He is viewed as someone who can help students envision success and reach their potential. Mike also described Farhad as collaborative, explaining how he has worked with various programs to help them improve. Taking the initiative to enroll in art classes was just one example Mike shared of his efforts to make Simulation and Game Development an outstanding program. Mike also praised Farhad’s success at the US finals of the 8th Microsoft Imagine Cup.

“Eyes on You” Nominees for Spring 2010


  1. Karen Verryt was nominated by Janet Malkemes, who described her responsiveness and problem-solving skills. Janet said that Karen is quick to look at a problem and decide how best to approach it in an efficient and effective manner. She is seen as someone who is a continual learner and one who continually strives to improve her performance. Karen’s focus and dedication to the College are much appreciated by her colleagues.
  2. Bernetta Pegues-Steadman was nominated by Devonne Gaddy, who spoke of her generosity, especially with her time. She said, “There has never been a time when I felt as if Bernetta was just too busy for any issue that I might have.” She also praised Bernetta’s willingness to get involved in new initiatives such as “Counseling on the Green” and the services for returning veterans. She is seen as someone who does not try to “pass the buck,” but one who is always willing to search to find the answer.
  3. Kim Holmes was nominated by Karen Flaherty, who considers her an invaluable partner in the nursing admission and orientation process. Kim can always be counted on to look for better ways of doing things, especially in new student orientation where her ideas have added value to the student experience. Kim collaborates across departments to make sure students get what they need. Her colleagues appreciate the extra effort she makes to learn about the healthcare field.
  4. Lillie Kirkpatrick was nominated by Angela Bullock, who said that she brings a positive and uplifting atmosphere to the office. Angela described Lillie as thorough and student-centered. She is viewed as someone who goes beyond the expected, always giving something extra for both students and colleagues. The way Lillie approaches her job helps those around her improve their performance.
  5. Pat Krikorian was nominated by Tommy Lopez, who commented on her deep commitment to her students. Tommy described the extraordinary efforts Pat goes to in preparing for her classes, correcting assignments, and supervising practicum students. Through her creativity she has been able to meet the needs of both the human services students and her teen runaways. Pat willingly shares her expertise and encourages feedback so that you continue to grow as a professional. Pat is respected and admired by her colleagues at CPCC.
  6. Tiffany Boger was nominated by Stacey Harris, who described her as passionate, creative, and imaginative. Stacey said that Tiffany is open to suggestions and constructive criticism, a true sign of a collaborative nature. Stacey just raved to the group about her many fantastic ideas that were used for Sensoria. She was also praised for her efforts in the Minority Male Mentoring Program, where she truly makes a difference with individual students. Tiffany’s generosity of spirit and willingness to share are appreciated by all those with whom she works.
  7. Vincent Recher was nominated by Dawn Cloutier, who described his warm and engaging personality and how that personality helps people feel safe and “protected.” She specifically mentioned his willingness to look beyond a narrow job description to become more involved in the life of the campus. Vincent is seen as responsive, responsible, and invested in the students, faculty, and staff of CPCC.
  8. Christy Curts was nominated by Carrie Konczal, who spoke admiringly of Christy’s commitment to students and her attempts to empower them by teaching the skills they need to be independent. She brings tremendous talents to her job, but she is also willing to share her expertise so that the entire department benefits. Christy’s collaborative efforts extend beyond the department to the entire College and make for a great working relationship. She has also developed some very customer- and environmentally-friendly ideas for use at the Career Fair. She is much appreciated and admired by her colleagues.
  9. Diane Burleson was nominated by Gregg Miller. He praised her dedication to students, saying that Diane set high standards for students but also helps them achieve those levels of performance. He said that Diane constantly reviews her materials so that her classes remain relevant, effective, and engaging. He also noted that she is generous—willingly sharing any materials that she develops. Diane is also valued for her mentoring efforts with new part-time faculty in the math division. She goes above and beyond what is expected, and her colleagues appreciate all that she does.
  10. Earonita Strong was nominated by Brenda Leonard, who described her as focused, disciplined, innovative, and professional. She said that Earonita is always looking for new ideas and better ways of doing things. She is seen as an effective communicator who works with colleagues to accomplish goals. Brenda commented on her commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, citing several examples of her work at the College. Brenda also praised her efforts as a lifelong learner and her willingness to share what she has learned.
  11. Joey Anderson was nominated by Kara Allara, who said that with his quiet enthusiasm he introduces an element of Zen into each learning situation. Joey was complimented on his ability to engage and encourage students, but also on his skill in helping them mature into conscientious adults. Joey’s classroom environment reflects a culture of responsibility and respect for his students. These qualities are appreciated by his colleagues who consider his eagerness to learn and grow “infectious.”
  12. Kim Amory was nominated by Susan Autry, who described her as supportive, encouraging, dependable, and dedicated. She said that having Kim in the division has made life easier for everyone. She was especially impressed with the website Kim developed for the division. Not only does she help the instructors, but she also creates a welcoming environment for students. Kim’s patience and understanding are appreciated by everyone she meets.
  13. Diane Heath was nominated by one of her students, James Gibson, who described Diane as non-judgmental, caring, and conscientious. He said that she makes learning achievable and exciting, something not all teachers are able to do. Diane makes a difference in the lives of her students because she never gives up on them, always challenging them to do their best and reach their potential. He said that if students don’t understand, it is not her fault!
  14. Angelica Magana was nominated by Erin Corbera, who said that Angelica will go to any length to make students feel welcomed at the Harper Campus, especially the non-English speaking students. Angelica is flexible and able to do things differently in order to assist immigrant students. For example, she was willing to interpret for security to a class of immigrant students during a situation on campus, showing the students that they could trust their instructors and staff. Angelica has been taking classes at CPCC before and since her employment at the college, since continually learning is very important to her.


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