Eyes on You Award - Spring 2009


eileen_sp09.jpgEileen Clark was nominated by Debbie Marcantonio.  Her colleagues in the dental hygiene department described her as dedicated, enthusiastic, student-centered, and professional.  She is a valued mentor for faculty and students at CPCC who look to her for guidance and support.  Her impact at the College goes well beyond the classroom.



Gene Merklein was nominated by Joey Anderson gene_sp09.jpgwho described him as knowledgeable, considerate, even-tempered, and diligent.  Joey went so far as to suggest that Gene is the “Face of Harper Campus.”  He is seen as a “fixture” at Harper and his willingness to share what he has learned encourages faculty, staff, and students to seek out his advice.  Joey likened Gene to an “iceberg,” stating that what people see on the surface does not begin to capture the depth and richness of who he is as a person and as a significant contributor to the College.



sonya_sp09.jpgSonya Jarrett was nominated by Elizabeth Cooper who described her as the quintessential team player; always considering her successes as a team effort.  Elizabeth commented that Sonya frequently steps in to resolve stressful issues while remaining totally unflappable and retaining her sense of humor.  Her ability to exhibit “grace under fire” and her willingness to get the job done without seeking personal recognition are much appreciated by her co-workers in Community Relations and Marketing Services.



Stephen Gerhardt was nominated by Zach stephen_sp09.jpgBlackburn who was effusive in his praise for his contributions to the Applied Technologies Division.  Zach described how Stephen created revenue sources which provided much-needed funds for emergency supplies, travel, and student rewards.  Stephen’s ongoing contact with industry professionals keeps him current with changing technologies and makes him the “go to” person in his department.  Zach also commented on Stephen’s interest in learning more about all the programs he supports.  The committee was most impressed to learn that Stephen had enrolled in a welding class just so that he could better understand the program.


Suzanne Marcoux was nominated by Edith McElroy.   “Wow!” was the word most often used when Edith described Suzanne’s many contributions to the Foreign Languages Division.  Her willingness to obtain 18 hours of graduate credit in Spanish in order to help the department meet the demand for additional sections was most impressive.  Edith also commented on Suzanne’s practice of scheduling office hours for her students even though this is not required of part-time instructors.  Suzanne’s generosity and her dedication to our students are appreciated by all those with whom she works.


2009 Nominees



Edith McElroy was nominated by Jorge Koochoi who described her as one of those unique administrators who knows how to work with people to accomplish a shared goal. He marveled at her ability to be tactful and candid at the same time. The instructors in her division feel supported and valued which makes for a wonderful, learning-centered environment. Edith is viewed as an enthusiastic and committed professional who represents the College well.


Geneva Coleman was nominated by Stuart Beame and the 2722 Call Center Team. They fondly described her as friend, cook, psychiatrist, motivational speaker, and mom. Her positive outlook and “can do” attitude inspire her colleagues to do their best. Stuart also commented on her willingness to share her expertise with others, thereby increasing the capacity to assist of the entire department. Geneva’s work ethic sets the standard for everyone. She accepts additional assignments without complaint and always “delivers” at the highest level.


Janie French was nominated by Vicky Semple who said that she is devoted in her efforts to teach students important life lessons in addition to basic computer skills. Janie’s caring attitude encourages students to complete her class and engage more fully in the learning process. Her daily quotes help students take what they have learned in class and apply it in their lives. Vicky commented that she teaches by modeling the kinds of behaviors that she hopes to encourage in her students.


Joanna Nicholson was nominated by Ilene Weiner who told the committee of her dedication to continuous improvement in the learning environment that she creates for her students. Joanna’s creativity and flexibility make her classes engaging and relevant. Ilene talked about Joanna’s use of active learning strategies and the way that she collaborates across units, specifically mentioning her work with service learning and the “Walk a Mile in my Shoes” project. Ilene said that she is a role model in lifelong learning. Her love of learning is an inspiration to those with whom she works.


Julie Sparks was nominated by Stephen Swanson. He described her as patient, considerate, encouraging, diligent, and detail-oriented. Stephen appreciates Julie’s openness to new ideas and her collaborative nature. Not everyone can take a technical subject and make it understandable to the lay person. Stephen said that Julie has that ability and that people feel comfortable coming to her with their technology questions and concerns. She makes interacting with ITS a pleasurable experience.

Kimberly Kaylor was nominated by Brian Stearns who complimented her energy and enthusiasm. He talked about the numerous committees on which she serves and the many CPCC volunteer activities in which she is engaged. Brian also praised Kimberly’s commitment to students, specifically her role in developing the Cytotechnology Student Association. Brian shared with the committee her work with reference tests for the American Society of Clinical Pathology and commented on her dedication to her profession and to the College.


Lane Grann-Stahl was nominated by Jay Potter who described her as dedicated, persistent, and innovative. He was impressed with her efforts to convert CAR110 into a hybrid class, saying that she went “above and beyond” what anyone expected. Lane’s collaborative approach helped everyone involved feel that his or her ideas were respected and valued. Jay was especially complimentary of the finished product, one that he categorized as “lively, challenging, and interesting.”


Lisa Morehead was nominated by Wilma Hood who praised her dedication to her department and to the College. Wilma said that Lisa’s contributions extend well beyond those outlined in her job description. In fact, Wilma stated that the department would be in quite a quandary without her. The department depends on Lisa to remind everyone of meetings, edit presentations, help with computer issues, and bring in goodies from time to time. Lisa’s students also appreciate her ability to “make things clear.”


Melissa Warlick was nominated by Ginny Hastings who praised her sense of humor, her collaborative spirit, and her willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Ginny said that Melissa is an inspiration to her colleagues. Her dedication and follow-through invite cooperation and build relationships across units of the College. Her listening skills ensure that she understands the needs and priorities of her customers.


Nina Neal was nominated by Stephanie Neely who praised her dedication and her passion for teaching. Nina’s dedication shows in her work with students, her colleagues, and the Paralegal Program. As program chair, Nina’s sense of humor and her sense of purpose provide a supportive and purpose-driven environment for faculty. Her open-door policy encourages faculty and students alike to come to her for advice and guidance. Stephanie described Nina as the complete CPCC employee – engaging, intelligent, supportive, and encouraging.


Once again Sharon Gay was nominated, this time by David Privette, who described her as calm and collected even when things get “touchy.” Sharon’s assistance with budget issues and her student-centered attitude is much appreciated by her Central Campus colleagues. David commented on her willingness to listen to students, instructors, division directors – pretty much anyone who needs a patient and empathetic ear.


Barbara Bostic was nominated by Nadine Gordon who was impressed with her tireless efforts in developing career connections in the health care field for her students. Nadine told the committee that Barbara enrolled in a forensic nursing class in order to better understand the career possibilities for her students. In fact, she was described as someone who makes decisions based on “what is best for the student,” a mark of someone who is truly learning centered. Nadine also portrayed Barbara as a pioneer, citing her work with Pathways to Employment.


Cindy Robinson was nominated by Wanda Acklin who says that Cindy begins and ends each day with a smile which exemplifies her “How can I help you?” attitude. Wanda said that Cindy puts in amazingly long hours without ever complaining or losing her positive outlook. Not only is Cindy diligent and generous with her time, but she also consistently meets her performance goals. While Cindy is goal oriented, students appreciate the fact that she is never too busy to stop what she is doing to help them. Cindy models the kind of learning-centered behaviors that the College hopes to promote.

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