Eyes on You Award - Fall 2010

Eyes on You WINNERS for Fall 2010

Judy Qualtieri, Christy Curts, Katrina Johnson, John RoyalsChristy Curts was nominated by Laura Dodge, who described Christy as passionate, student-centered, optimistic, and professional. Laura praised her creative efforts in streamlining the processes involved in the annual Career Fair, saving the College both time and money. Christy is recognized as someone who is focused and able to prioritize when things get hectic. Her colleagues also value her ability to work with students and bolster their self-efficacy and confidence as they prepare to enter the job market.

Geoff Blount was nominated by Hollis Adkins, who praised Geoff’s commitment to “giving back” to the College and the community. She spoke enthusiastically about his Geoff Blountfounding the Baking and Pastry Arts Club and how the BPA program has flourished under his leadership. He is admired for his tremendous work ethic, routinely working 15-hour days. Geoff’s colleagues at the Harris Campus describe him as qualified, dedicated, and involved. They also said that he makes a “mean” tuna salad.

Katrina Johnson was nominated by Kenny Clontz, who said that she was one of the most dedicated, inspiring, and selfless people with whom he has ever worked. Kenny praised Katrina’s creativity and collaborative nature. Her willingness to go out of her way to make the Minority Male Mentoring program a success has been recognized by many of her colleagues. Although her responsibilities are many and varied, she never lets that discourage her; and her “go-get-‘em” attitude is one of the things that those around her most admire.

John Royals was nominated by David Mahatha, who described his work in restoring the athletic fields at Northridge Middle School as a valuable learning experience for all involved in this project. John modeled great enthusiasm and selflessness, qualities we hope to instill in our students. David also praised John’s creative approach to partnering with CMS schools. He was able to offer an excellent learning opportunity for CPCC students, while at the same time providing a valuable service to a neighboring school that did not have the needed resources.

Judy Qualtieri was nominated by Kay Miller, who described her as a role model for both students and fellow faculty. According to Kay, Judy displays a high level of consideration and professionalism in all her interactions, fostering an attitude of appreciation and respect among her colleagues. Judy is seen as a consensus builder and an advocate for faculty and students. Her co-workers admire the many contributions she has made to the Dental Hygiene Department and to the larger CPCC community, all for the benefit of student learning.


Eyes on You Nominees for Fall 2010

Tony Jones was nominated by Tracie Clark, who commented on his commitment to putting students first and praised his ability to listen and empathize with both students and colleagues. He is viewed as someone who always does what is best for students, never allowing his own interests to get in the way. He models critical thinking and challenges students to consider different options in making important decisions about college. It is clear that his co-workers admire his dedication to student success.

Patricia McCaskill was nominated by Diane Lambert, who described her as focused on the needs of the student. Diane discussed Patricia’s tactful ways of dealing with angry students so that they could receive the assistance they needed. She is seen as someone who treats everyone equally, regardless of their status or position. Patricia models life-long learning and stays “on top” of her profession by taking advantage of professional development opportunities and is always willing to share her expertise with others.

Dwight Evans was nominated anonymously by someone on the “Eyes-on-You” Committee who recognized his professionalism and the quiet and efficient manner in which he handles his responsibilities. He is always pleasant, patient, and courteous—even when things are hectic and emotions are tense. His calming presence is just one of the reasons, aside from his technical expertise, that people enjoy working with Dwight so much.

Nadine Gordon was nominated by Chris Flowers, who described how she always “keeps her cool,” even in high-pressure situations. Chris spoke about her optimistic outlook and her ability to elicit the best critical thinking from those around her. Nadine is seen as someone who is a life-long learner and one who generously shares what she has learned. Her commitment to student success is admired by all those with whom she works. Chris has so much appreciated her guidance and mentoring.

Eric Price

was nominated by Joe Scarberry. Joe described Eric as patient, encouraging, dedicated, and a good listener. He admires the way Eric works with students to explain how things are done and challenges them to do their best. He is seen as someone who is easily accessible—always ready to respond to student needs. His colleagues appreciate all that he does to support and encourage students.

Catalina Ramirez was nominated by Rick Coulter. Rick said that Catalina makes educators more effective by introducing them to the latest technological tools in education. He praised her patience, saying that Catalina never gets frustrated with those whose technology skills are lacking. She goes out of her way to accommodate faculty members who want to improve their online teaching. Her enthusiasm for technology inspires others to experiment with new methods for educating students, a key factor in a true learning college environment.

Joyce Crager was nominated by Tamekia Baker, who described her as loving, dedicated, conscientious, and thoughtful. Joyce demonstrates her compassionate nature by her daily acts of kindness to students and staff. When students are lost, she finds the time to walk them to their destination. When difficult questions are posed, she will track down the right people and find the best response. Those who work with her appreciate all that she does to make North Campus a special place to work and learn.

Lillie Kirkpatrick was nominated by Angela Bullock, who described her pleasant demeanor and positive attitude. As the first person to make contact with her students, Lillie serves an important role by asking the right questions. Lillie’s concern for students is evident in everything she does, and she helps make students feel comfortable. Not only does she work well with students, but she also works well with her colleagues. Lillie keeps her co-workers informed about changes so that everyone gives correct information when assisting students.


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