Eyes on You Award - Fall 2008



Harry Phillips was nominated by Patricia Bostian who described him as 090127SpringForum088-Croped.jpgcreative, student-centered, and passionate about learning. Patricia recounted how Harry organized a trip to Charleston so that his students could better understand the context of the writings they read. His colleagues admire how he honors the efforts of each student in his class, thereby creating an atmosphere of trust and respect. Harry’s concern for his students is evident in the way he organizes every class, the way he addresses his students, and the way he supports their efforts to learn.


Donna Mackey was nominated by both Faye Childress and Jackie 090127SpringForum095-Croped.jpgMacLaughlin who were effusive in their praise describing Donna as cheerful, knowledgeable, personable, dedicated, and hardworking. They appreciate her willingness to work with faculty to help ensure that students are placed into the appropriate classes. They wrote that Donna has the unique ability to make everyone she is assisting feel that they are the most important person she could be helping at that time. Donna’s colleagues and the students she helps value the time and energy she puts into everything she does at the College.


Terina Lathe was nominated by both Mary Daly and Catalina Ramirez. 090127SpringForum082-Croped.jpgBoth remarked on Terina’s dedication, student-centeredness, collaborative nature, and professionalism. She is viewed as an insightful and reflective instructor who is always looking for ways to make learning more relevant and meaningful. According to Catalina, Terina’s online courses serve as models for other instructors because of her emphasis on instructional purpose and intended learning outcomes. The online tools just enhance a course that is already exemplary. Mary and Catalina were so impressed with Terina’s generosity to share all of her extensive expertise and materials with her colleagues.


Ben Dowling was nominated by Eric Jensen. Eric described Ben as 090127SpringForum098-Croped.jpgknowledgeable, patient, and thorough, with a positive influence on all those around him. His problem-solving skills have helped save our students both time and frustration. Eric praised Ben’s customer service skills, suggesting that he teaches his clients how to resolve many of their own issues. Ben’s outstanding ability to make his clients feel appreciated and important has not gone unnoticed.


Judy Huneycutt was nominated by Sam McCord who praised her dependability, dedication, caring nature, and collaborative spirit. Her devotion to her students is evidenced by the amount of time she spends preparing for every class. Judy’s colleagues and students appreciate her tireless efforts. Sam also shared with the committee how Judy has taken the initiative in developing an evaluation form and guidelines for interpreter education students. Judy is also seen as a life-long learner, attending training to stay abreast of best practices in interpreter education.



Tracy Pham was nominated by Diep Tong who described her as efficient and helpful. Diep said that Tracy continually looks for ways to make grant processes more user-friendly. According to Diep, she is generous with her time and displays tremendous patience in working with the project directors who need advice on how to follow the guidelines of their grants. Tracy is held in high regard by her colleagues and those who utilize those services.


Monica Gilbert was nominated by Kay Hill who described her as responsible, collaborative, efficient, and extremely competent. She is seen as someone who goes out of her way to assist students and faculty within the department. Her knowledge of procedures and processes makes her a valuable resource. Kay was especially complimentary of Monica’s willingness to help new faculty acclimate to the College and to her division.


Sherrill Holmes was nominated by Bill Rooks who praised her technical skills but also commented on her approachability and professionalism. Bill provided several examples of Sherrill’s ability to problem-solve and manage processes. Those skills are enhanced by her collaborative nature and her positive attitude. People enjoy working with Sherrill because she is truly interested in helping her colleagues succeed. This admirable quality is much appreciated.


MaryAnn Burkeen was nominated by Dorothy Arnold who praised her dedication to the College and to her students. Dorothy said that MaryAnn has a special ability to relate to students who struggle within the traditional education system and who need a second chance to succeed. Her empathetic nature encourages students and colleagues to take risks and try new things. MaryAnn thinks in terms of “team” and is always willing to share her expertise. This quality is much appreciated by her co-workers.


Mattie Thomas was nominated by Lucille Hood who described her as courteous, helpful, thorough, and extremely knowledgeable. Lucille said that Mattie is always ready and willing to learn new things in order to better serve students. Her collaborative nature is valued by those with whom she works. Moving beyond the prescribed limits of her job, Mattie has offered her services to the larger college community and enriched the college in the process. The group was so impressed with all that she is doing “behind the scenes” in the Call Center.


D.I. vonBriesen was nominated by Chris Paynter who noted D.I.’s leadership and innovation within the College and the larger community. He was described as the consummate critical thinker, always challenging assumptions and conventional thinking. Although he may challenge the thinking of students and colleagues, D.I. treats everyone with respect. The supportive learning environment that he has created keeps his students coming back for more. D.I.’s infectious curiosity inspires those around him to look beyond the superficial.


Holly Kupfer was nominated by Elena Gallagher who described her as one of the most helpful and student-centered people she had ever met. Holly’s work with Adopt-a-Highway and the science camp for children impressed everyone on the committee, as did her willingness to share her expertise with colleagues. Indeed, Elena said that Holly’s generous nature made her a favorite at the Levine Campus.


Sarah Wilson was nominated by Cathy Curtis who said that her calm, friendly, and capable demeanor makes it a delight to be in her company. Sarah is viewed as collaborative, creative, patient, and knowledgeable. Her ability to balance empathy and directness creates a positive learning environment for her students. As a counselor, Sarah demonstrates skill in using theory to ground her work with students, and as a result, students appreciate her as someone who is very effective in helping them sort through their career issues.


Amanda Capobianchi was nominated by Carolyn Whitman who said that her dedication to meeting the needs of students has raised the bar for everyone at the College. Amanda is seen as collaborative and creative and always open to new or better ways to approach a challenge. Amanda has that rare ability to handle myriad responsibilities without ever appearing “rattled.” She approaches all challenges with grace and determination. Each day Amanda makes CPCC a better place for our students and for our own faculty and staff.


Dena Shonts was nominated by Terina Lathe. Student centered was a term Terina used consistently in describing Dena’s efforts to expand the service-learning program. Dena’s strong advocacy of service learning has encouraged faculty to incorporate it into their classes. She is recognized as someone who is concerned about learning and student growth and who always places the needs of the student first. Dena’s colleagues find her to be collaborative, generous, and selfless.


Anne Whitmeyer was nominated by Jenny Brunnemer who described her as dedicated, generous, and committed to the College. Jenny was especially impressed with all the work Anne did for the Wildlife Habitat at Harris Campus. Her ability to include students, faculty, and staff from across the College to participate in this project was quite remarkable. Her vision and passion for this project inspired others and created a sense of excitement about what had been accomplished. Someone should “bottle” Anne’s enthusiasm.


Karen Rondeau was nominated by Madeline Schuler. Karen is viewed by her colleagues as professional, gracious, and extremely competent. Madeline described to the committee how Karen manages multiple complex budgets with apparent ease. The committee was also impressed with the initiative Karen has shown in continuing her own education. Karen’s ability to remain calm and cool in situations that might have others “running for cover” has earned her the respect of those who work with her. Others know that they can turn to Karen for information or help, and that she is unfailingly gracious and generous with assistance.

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